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What to take away? Travelling to Tenerife

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AliP · 22/02/2004 14:28

Good advice required on what is essential to take, what is useful and what is a complete waste of time, travelling to Tenerife, self catering apartment with ds who will be approx 10 months when we go.

Dh says just buy everything there that we need - is this feasible/sensible?


OP posts:
LadyCodworth · 22/02/2004 14:38

a bag of balloons! hours of fun and easy to pack

dont sterilise anything anymore do you?

Hulababy · 22/02/2004 14:40

Not been to Tenerife but when we went to Italy we bought nappies and wipes over there. We took formula - little sachet packets - with us.

We took packs of disposable bibs too as it was easier.

Janstar · 22/02/2004 14:49

AliP, where are you staying? We stayed at the Royal Tenerife Country Club.

Take sunblock, sunglasses, Marmite, and a good book or two...and can you fit me into your suitcase?

No need for mosquito repellant - don't get many of those on Tenerife.

AliP · 22/02/2004 18:15

thanks, we are staying in a complex in Golf del sur (? sp) and i have already bought the disposable bibs as he is such a sicky - can go through 7 or 8 bibs in a day and i don't know if the apartment has a washing machine!

yes i am still sterilising bottles but wanting to stop but not really knowing at what point to! Have never sterilised his spoons etc.

Like the idea of balloons but the last time he was near one he bit it and burst it and then chewed on some of the rubber!

Keep the good ideas coming i can't be the only first time mum who wants to know these things can i????

OP posts:
Hulababy · 22/02/2004 18:20

If you sterilise check your SC to see if you have a microwave. If you do you could get microwave steriliser bags. Or I think you can get cold water ones as well.

Mothercare do insect repellant wrist (or leg) bands - in pink or blue. Saves spraying their skin, especially if sensitive. I have an unopened one you could have but it is in pink

Are you flying or going by car?

21stcenturygirl · 22/02/2004 19:01

Went to Tenerfire with a 2 week old baby and the only thing we needed to buy was a kettle (cost £25 for a tiny one). Other than that you'll find most things cheaper than here. I'm so jealous - have a brilliant time.

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