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france 2002

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philly · 12/02/2002 08:15

We are considering using the following does anyone have any info:domaine de beaumont,in the Languedoc,in particular on quality of accomodation and ages of children suitable for

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ks · 08/03/2003 20:25

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Philly · 09/03/2003 16:09

I posted this message last year,and in fact we did go inAugust last year,we are going back again this year (the first time we have ever done this!)
I suppose it depends what you are looking for ,we generally go somewhere where there are no other families so this was a new experience for us and was dictated largely by the ages of the children last year ;8,5,and 9months and it worked fantastically for us,but if you are looking for a full on activity holiday this is not it.The Domaine is pretty quiet,although the metropolis of Agde is only about 15 mins way in off peak periods and Pezanas about 20 mins North is great.

Basically you are left to your own devices but the childcare is there as an extra,there were 2 English NNEBs who ran the childrens Club from a nicely equiped log cabin in a shady part of the grounds,the activities depended a lot I think on the ages of the children there,DS1 played tennis most days and swam every day,they had a football tounament one day and face painting etc.Ours have a fairly full on school life so are happy on holiday to chill out and it enabled certainly the eldest to meet other children his age and strike up some friendships.The best thing from our point of view was having the baby looked after in the afternoons so that we could do things with the others.The other good thing was the babysitting in the evenings,although pretty pricey.Not many people used the childrens club full time and I think that for schoolage children if you were plannng on this it would be rather limiting,when we were there most people were doing between 3 nad 6 half days ,we found that you could book when you were there if you could be flexible on sessions.
The whole atmosphere when we were there was very low key and I'm not sure there would be much to do in the rain,no TV or videos etcThe accomodation was comfortable but I suppose basic but all clean and in working order.The villas are all quite close together and we were worried about noise,this did not turn out to be problem as everybody was pretty quiet but obviously you are dependent on the other families there.If I can be any more help please post again

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roberta · 03/04/2003 14:30

We're thinking about this place for july. anyone know what beaches are like nearby, and how near they are?

ks · 03/04/2003 15:40

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Philly · 04/04/2003 13:57

Have to admit the other families were very PLU (people like us!)DH was terrified of meeting any other lawyers!adn in fact we did find that one family had friends in common with us.
I am surprised that chrystal say taht they do not run the club as all the Nannies were employed by crystal as we understood it,I shall be following this up.
The beaches are about 5 miles away BUT if you go in peak time the coast is very crowded and we certainly avoided it.

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Inkysonic · 06/06/2022 18:35

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