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needing mumsnetters expertise!

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KathH · 03/07/2006 21:53

Have booked a mobile home holiday to Cambrils in Spain for next summer (sad I know!). Which is the best way to get there in your expert opinions? Long ferry to Bilbao or Santander or take the ferry to Calais & drive down with an overnight stop somewhere? And if so, where? Any tips greatly appreciated as we're Eurocamp virgins! Thanks

OP posts:

Marina · 03/07/2006 23:32

Hmm, cost is a big factor. The ferry to Santander and Bilbao is VERY expensive - much more than the cost of the petrol and the overnight stay. But if you are all reasonable sailors and sleepers, huge fun for a family I'd say. I'd be tempted to do one option there and the other coming back if time permits. We love driving in France but have never done top to bottom IYSWIM and unless you really floor it down motorways, won't it take longer than two days? Especially on the comparatively crowded route up from Spain...
But you might have a fast car and be willing to max it up on the motorways. Either way you'd need to stop south of the Loire on the way down I'd have thought.
We know a fab logis de France in Fontevraud, near Saumur, but I'm not convinced that is far enough down for you.

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