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Warwick Castle is great

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roisin · 20/02/2004 20:37

We haven't been for ages - but vivid, treasured memories. Check details - but used to be U4s free; also always loads of 'Kids free' offers around if you keep your eyes open. (Full price is expensive).

Last time we went my boys dressed up as Knights (they had outfits from a carnival parade), and got special treatment from the dressed-up entertainers all day long. It was a fabulous day out.

OP posts:
LadyCodworth · 20/02/2004 20:40

Rampart walk always scares naughty cildren in your classes !!! he he

suzywong · 01/03/2004 21:03

do you think it would be fun for a 3yr old boy?

Bron · 01/03/2004 21:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

roisin · 01/03/2004 22:04

Suzywong - yes, definitely. Memorably took mine when they were 2 and 3, and they both loved it.

OP posts:
suzywong · 01/03/2004 22:24

Good, thanks for that

GillW · 02/03/2004 11:27

Must do that this year - we live virtually in sight of Warwick Castle but haven't actually taken ds in yet - we're restricted to weekends and then there are always a lot of tourists. Kenilworth Castle, just down the road, is good though if you've got active little ones - lots of space to run around and ruined walls to clamber over.

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