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Dorchester Dinosaur Museum - just don't!!

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Lara2 · 20/02/2004 20:26

We went this week, one and a half hour journey, on the strength of the website. It was just SO pants!!! Imagine a big old house and a bunch of well meaning people get together to make a museum because they have nothing better to do on a wet, Wednesday afternoon. Someone has a PC so they print and laminate some labels, someone is good at art so they make the big models with textured wallpaper for the skin, and yet someone else finds some old dinosaur magazines in the attic, cuts out the picyures, laminates them and puts them on a wall!!!! Oh, and add in some old video for good measure and...... that's it in a nutshell!!!!! Luckily, DS2 isn't very discriminating where dinosaurs are concerned; and even luckier, DS1 (11) had gone to a mate's for the day!!! We were in and out in about an hour (including 2 loo trips!!) and that little lot cost us nearly £15 for 1 child and 2 adults!!!

OP posts:
LadyCodworth · 20/02/2004 20:27

Ah but my nephew (8) loved it and my niece (6) too.

MUm did saythere was a lot of reading, but he is quite studious, unlike my ds who would have been in and out.

suzywong · 20/02/2004 20:28

I remember being taken there when I was little
Pretty accurate description

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