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prettycandles · 19/02/2004 21:59

We're contemplating a holiday involving 5h plane flights with a 3yo and 17mo, and only buying 3 seats.


What do you do about naptimes, and how do you handle mealtimes?

Any tips?

OP posts:
sb34 · 19/02/2004 22:03

Message withdrawn

Hulababy · 19/02/2004 22:10

Meal time - ask the cabin crew to keep one meal warm until the other has finished and don't forget that the little one probably won't get a meal - take smacks or have some of yours.

Take a blanket (or ask for one from cabin crew) - you can then use it rolled up to 'plug' the gap when you lift the arm rest - gives you more room for toddler to sit.

Take an entertainment pack - full of little toys, paper, crayons, books and snacks for inflight fun.

DD napped across us - head om my lap, feet on daddy's - only way, but she did sleep well.

prettycandles · 19/02/2004 22:21

We're debating when to fly - I think a nighttime flight might be easier, as the children are more likely to sleep. But, as dh says, what if they don't?

Someone, ages ago, told me that they gave their 1yo phenergan (I think, or maybe some other antihistamine) so that they would be drowsy and sleep during the flight. I wonder whether it's worth considering in case of an emergency - and how long it takes to take effect - as dd won't settle if she's overtired and overstimulated.

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 19/02/2004 22:58

It's really not too bad. We regularly do an 11 hour flight with our two (3.5 and 1.5) and survive it. If you have a choice of airlines, I hightly recommend BA as they will prebook you in the bulkhead which is really really really way better than anywhere else.
Don't try to enforce naptimes and bring your own (non-messy) food and sipee cups as mealtimes are difficult (balancing trays, drinks and children...).

bobthebaby · 19/02/2004 23:37

If it's only 5 hours I would go during the day and then they can sleep when they get there. If they don't sleep on a night flight you will be the least popular people on the plane and still have them up all day when you get there.

All the people I have seen on planes with happy children recently have been parents with portable DVD players and a spare battery!

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