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anyone done a spa break with their baby/children??

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blossom2 · 29/06/2006 20:04

i'm hoping to organise one with some friends and i'm sure some mumsnetters would have done this already

if so, where did you go, would you recommend it etc ...

many thanx

OP posts:

UglySister · 30/06/2006 10:08

Yes. the Austrians often take their young children to spas. (Real thermal waters not suitable for babies BTW, just the normal pools.
I´d go to one of the Austrian spas, a spa in terms of genuine spa water baths being available as well as lots of different pools, beauty treatments, massages etc. The one that comes to mind is Loipersdorf as it´s one of the biggest and has a toddler pool, as well as hotel accommodation or nearby B & Bs. Cf the link:

Full adult entrence for the day is about 14 pounds, fantastic value, treatments are of course extra. Just remember to time them for nap time! Older children will have afab time discovering all of the different pools.

You can RyanAir it to Graz for next to nothing usually. Also very good vinyards and associated restaurants in the area.

GREAT FOR A RELAXED BOOZY BREAK, if you do you do your homework a bit! In fact, I think it´s time we went again!!! Spa waters are brilliant for all kinds of health and skin problems. You will come out a new woman!


Gem13 · 30/06/2006 10:31

Guardian report on one here but it is for babies 2-6 months and you need reasonable French.

Great idea otherwise!


UglySister · 30/06/2006 13:08

This looks nice Gem13. Curious how the French speaking Belgians only ever seem to speak French and the Flemish speaking Belgians always seem to speak 3 or 4 languages!

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