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quick query - how long to get a passport for baby?

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elliott · 18/02/2004 21:14

Hi there
I'm just about to send off for ds2's passport for an Easter holiday, and it dawned on me that I'm going to need it on 20 March for a weekend in Brussels - haven't booked the flight yet, do you think its safe to assume I'll have the passport? Its going to the Durham passport office. Thanks!

OP posts:
suzywong · 18/02/2004 21:16

especially with one of the quieter offices

squirmyworm · 18/02/2004 21:24

I had a really good experience with ours. sent it off about 6 weeks ago expecting not to get it until about now, and it arrived less than 2 weeks later. I registered and filled in the details online first using their website - it's excellent. They then send you the completed form and you just have to check, sign, add any missing bits, write the cheque and get the photos countersigned before sending the whole lot back to them. I'm sure it speeded things up.

sb34 · 18/02/2004 21:28

Message withdrawn

elliott · 18/02/2004 21:33

Thanks for your advice - I didn't know about the online service - but I've already filled in the form so will send it off (having very carefully checked it!)

OP posts:
anto · 19/02/2004 15:19

My husband went to the passport office and did the 'premium' or 'fast track' (can't remember which) service for our 11-month-old's passport. He took it last Saturday and the passport arrived yesterday - amazingly quick - apparently it's a very quiet time of year so the applications are processed very speedily. Good luck!

eidsvold · 19/02/2004 20:02

we used the passport check and send and it arrived 10 days after we sent it.

zebra · 19/02/2004 20:04

Think I had same experience as Eidsvold.

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