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Zippo's circus

5 replies

crouchingtigeress · 27/06/2006 11:41

Has anyone been? Would you recommend it for a three year old?

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crouchingtigeress · 28/06/2006 14:34

bumpitty bump bump

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janinlondon · 29/06/2006 09:35

Isn't that the one with the performing budgies? I think DD was about 3 when we saw it. All I could do to stop myself from guffawing out loud. But DD loved it.


serenity · 29/06/2006 09:41

Yes, we've been a few times and I'm sure DS2 was about that age the last time we went. I'm planning on going this summer when they come round, and DD will be under 3


Hallgerda · 29/06/2006 10:15

Yes, it's the one with the budgies and I did laugh! I took my family around six years ago, so would have had a five-year-old and two children under two. It was sufficiently sparkly and impressive for the younger ones not to kick off, and my eldest really enjoyed it. The music is live, which is an improvement on most circuses.


crouchingtigeress · 29/06/2006 17:03

Hmmm, the budgies sound slightly scary.
Thank you all.

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