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Self-catering in Germany

8 replies

wobblyknicks · 17/02/2004 16:34

Does anyone know of any good websites to find self-catering places in Germany, near Cologne?

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AussieSim · 23/02/2004 12:53

I'm sorry no one replied earlier WK, and I have only just seen this. I'm in Germany and will ask my SIL where to look etc. When did you need the info by?

JanH · 23/02/2004 13:00

This any good?

wobblyknicks · 24/02/2004 09:49

No problem aussie, am going to Germany in May, so have left myself loads of time to find out! Would be really good if you could ask, want self-catering because there are 4 of us and so hotels would just be paying money for nothing.

Jan - that looks quite good and if I can't find anything by myself, £10 isn't much if they find somewhere good.

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LIZS · 24/02/2004 10:00

Have a look at Interhome here

LIZS · 24/02/2004 10:01

Sorry, try again here

wobblyknicks · 25/02/2004 18:29

Thanks lizs, that looks really good! Have to have a longer search, but there's loads on there, thanks!

OP posts:
AussieSim · 25/02/2004 19:04

It is good to see you getting some response now. Here is a site specifically for "ferienwohnungen" (holiday apartments). You can translate using babelfish

And for general info have you checked out this


wobblyknicks · 25/02/2004 19:29

Thanks aussie, my mum speaks german so I'll get her to translate it for me later!!

Thanks for all the response, didn't expect it within minutes of posting, so its all still fine!

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