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Who is up for a challenge?

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jellyjelly · 18/06/2006 23:10

Situation is after being pooed on from a great height i have a honeymoon that will not be being used it cost 4800 all in, i now want to try to transfer it to another holiday but at the same time.

Needs to start in 2 weeks or very near too.

Have a ds who is 3.5 yrs, very boyish loves cars trains etc. Where can i think about going has to be very family friendly and english speaking not to far i dont think. I have always wanted to go to new york but not really for the shopping and cant be that hot although some as we are both very fair skinned. Wont be going for a pee up holiday at all but needs just to be a good holiday i like pretty things and visiting art places and seeing nice things.

Wont be much on line tonight but it should not be

or anywhere romantic like paris or venice so disneyland out.

OP posts:

hunkermunker · 18/06/2006 23:11

Immediately thought of the trams in San Francisco?


spacedonkey · 18/06/2006 23:11

oh no I'm sorry to hear this jelly :(

what about copenhagen?


jellyjelly · 18/06/2006 23:13

tell me what you know about them because i know nothing about them. I would like cheap to do as this wedding cost over 10k and not gettig back so cheap but not hostel cheap as safety big priority

OP posts:

hunkermunker · 18/06/2006 23:15

I really hope you're not footing any part of the bill for the wedding, JJ Sad


jellyjelly · 18/06/2006 23:16

all paid for now least of my worries but dont want to go to the honeymooon place. This is all on another thread so dont want to fill up on here.

OP posts:

moondog · 18/06/2006 23:17

I would go to a smart all inclusive with a kids' club so that you can have a bit of time to yourself and maybe some spa treatments.


jellyjelly · 18/06/2006 23:19

hadnt thought of that.

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 18/06/2006 23:20

off to bed now so keep them coming going to talk to the travel agenmt tomorrow morning to see what i can do about it all if i have to go or if they will transfer the holiday elsewhere???? Anyone know?

OP posts:

moondog · 18/06/2006 23:21

If I was in your situation (so sorry) last thing i would want would be to traipse around sight seeing.
I would want some peace,some sun and some pampering to try and heal myself a little. Sad


hunkermunker · 18/06/2006 23:26

Sorry, JJ.

Will think some more. Agree with MD that you need some pampering.

How many hours travelling are you prepared to do?


jellyjelly · 19/06/2006 06:59

Could go to america and think i could cope wtih it but not australia. i dont think i want to go to a honeymoon resort or sit in the sun all day as i never doen that anyway. xp was a sun worrisper but never me, so can go other places now.

OP posts:

hunkermunker · 19/06/2006 08:43



lapsedrunner · 19/06/2006 19:49

If you can look beyond the english speaking requirement check out Nearly all in Austria but you will find most of the staff doing the childcare (& spa) speak english. Some have the full spa type facility for you whilst ds has a ball in the kids area fully supervised.


UglySister · 20/06/2006 12:29

Jellyjelly, I can second the KInderhotel idea for absolute pampering and R & R, and fab food. All the best to you.

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