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Cheap-ish holiday advice

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noddyholder · 18/06/2006 18:21

Hi I am looking for a holiday for 1 week at the beginning of august for me dp and ds(12) We are renovating a dump of a house and it has taken all our money tbh so am looking for somewhere in Europe sunny not too touristy but will really consider most things Just want to relax and swim Last yr had 3 weeks in Greek Islands and it was heaven but know this year we just can't afford that expense.Was thinking Majorca or Ibiza?Any ideas

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Mercy · 18/06/2006 18:29

What about Portugal or France?

Do you want self-catering, hotel, all inclusive?


noddyholder · 18/06/2006 22:02

I would like self catering or b&b can't afford posh hotel and don't really want one tbh France would be good or Portugal xx

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Blondilocks · 18/06/2006 22:22

I'd just look on the net for deals and see where you'd like to go. Some of the packages aren't too bad, although not sure if it's too late for free child places.

We're going to Majorca but when I looked it wasn't that cheap in August (although we booked all the bits separately so a package may be cheaper).


CountessDracula · 18/06/2006 22:23

Turkey is much cheaper than greece and lovely if you go to the right places


noddyholder · 18/06/2006 22:41

Never been to turkey cd can you recommend anywhere?

OP posts:

moondog · 18/06/2006 22:59

I live in Turkey (but not in a touristy bit!)
Try around Antalya and Side.
Touristy but less Brita here (the south) than to the west (Bodrum,Marmaris) unless that is what you want. Smile

There are scores of resorts.
I suggest borrowing a guide book form the library and trawling through it.

Bit bloody hot now though.

I was in Side in November and still swimming in the sea.

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