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Holiday Checklist

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ChaCha · 12/06/2006 12:39

Would anyone like to help me devise a checklist for my DH's holiday (end of week).
He is travelling to Morocco and would like to start packing now.

OP posts:

hulababy · 12/06/2006 12:44

Travel insurance documents

I am going away in early hours tomorrow morning, and keep being assured that these are the most important things! Really need to pack soon :)


themoon66 · 12/06/2006 13:34

airport parking tickets.
Headache tablets
Mobile phone charger.
Ipod charger (or batteries)
Imodium (vital for north africa)
factor 30 suncream

I'm in practice with packing, having just returned from Egypt!!


ChaCha · 12/06/2006 21:18

I would have forgotten most of that. Thanks :)

Anymore...please Wink

OP posts:

ChaCha · 12/06/2006 21:18

Where were you in Egypt moon and did you enjoy it?

OP posts:

ArseBiscuits · 12/06/2006 21:21

Nicked from Hula's thread, phoning credit card company to let them know you are going to be using the card abroad. Thought that was a top tip.


hulababy · 12/06/2006 21:23

Also make sure mobile phone is enabled to work abroad.


hulababy · 12/06/2006 21:28

Oh and check baggae allowances and restrictions. i had to do some repacking earlier. Last time I flew you got 20kg per person with a weight restriction of 30 kgs for any one item. And 5kgs of hand luggage.

This time we get, according to website, 2 pieces of hold luggage each, each weighing up to 23kgs and one hand luggage at 6kgs. One of my cases was a little over the 23kgs so had to do some rearranging.


ChaCha · 12/06/2006 21:32

You girls are on top form, thank you.

It's one thing packing your own stuff but to pack for the other half....

OP posts:

themoon66 · 13/06/2006 09:05

ChaCha - we went to Taba Heights, but did an exciting trip out to Cairo to see pyramids etc.

By the way, our mobile phones worked just fine over there, but the batteries seemed to run down very quickly - after about 4 texts!


ChaCha · 13/06/2006 23:11

Moon - Wow. Did you enjoy it? I hope you don't mind me asking. I'm half Egyptian, take a great interest in all things Egypt related. :)

OP posts:

themoon66 · 14/06/2006 00:02

ChaCha. It was easily the 2nd best holiday i've ever been on (1st being disney world with kids). I've always wanted to see Egypt. I would go back there for another holiday without a doubt.

Which half of you is Egyptian? My greatgrandad was Jewish, so i really wanted to go to Israel whilst we were there. We were half an hour from from the Israeli border, but coz we were only there one week, we ran out of time.

I plan to go back and do the Jerusalem trip, plus Mount Sinai and maybe Elat. Oh, and definitely want to visit the dead sea too. I can see i'm going to have to make it a fortnight next time Smile


ChaCha · 14/06/2006 10:47

Hi Moon, great to hear you had such a great time :o It's my dad who is Egyptian. Like me you also seem to have an interest in your roots. My DH has done the trip you mention but TBH as much as i'd love to couldn't do Jerusalem now which is really sad Sad

If you ever need anything when in Egypt...

OP posts:

themoon66 · 14/06/2006 12:51

Well I'm just about to move house with all the expense that involves. So I may have quite a wait until I can save up to go again.

ChaCha, is your mum English? I used to go out with an Egyptian before I met DH. We were going to move in together and get married, but I was too worried about our cultural differences, especially with my jewish roots.


ChaCha · 14/06/2006 20:51

Hi again,

Almost. Mum is Scottish.

There are a LOT of cultural differences, I totally understand why you were worried. When I first went out to live there I was overwhelmed. My families on either side are just so totally different. I think I was a little naive when I went to live there - I ended up staying there for seven years Shock but married a lovely Welshman and am happy back in the UK.

OP posts:

themoon66 · 15/06/2006 13:06

I would love to do the full nile cruise thing, but am skint. Trouble is, now i've done Egypt, I dont think anything else comes close.

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