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Portsmouth/St Malo Ferry crossing

3 replies

sarahhal · 09/06/2006 21:13

Just wondering if there are any agents/websites which offer any discounted fares for this crossing in the summer? Who would anyone recommend? ( can't believe how expensive it is ! Shock

OP posts:

Aero · 09/06/2006 21:44

You could try Have to say that's the reason we're sailing to Calais and driving a huge distance to our destination. Pity - St Malo is only 30 minutes from our gite apparantly, but way too expensive for us.


sarahhal · 10/06/2006 17:11

For anyone looking at ferry routes to France, we've just booked Portsmouth/Caen for £328 return with Brittany Ferries. It's still 3 and half hour drive to our gite but a lot better than the treck from Calais.

OP posts:

sunnydelight · 13/06/2006 14:55

I spent hours on this last month sarahhal and couldn't find anything - I don't think they need to discount TBH, most of the onboard accommodation is already fully booked from now until the end of August which would suggest people are prepared to pay. It was working out at just under £500 for us rather than our usual £150-180 Newhaven-Dieppe crossing.

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