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Infant seat on British Airways with twins

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mandybagpuss · 24/05/2006 18:15

Hello I am hoping to fly BA with my infant twins aged 7 months, I must take one twin on my lap and the other in a bought seat. I have been told I must provide a foward facing car seat to go into the plane seat. Has anyone done this, is the car seats size a factor. Everytime I speak to someone at BA I get a different answer. Has anyone flown other airlines with twins? Cheers.

OP posts:

swedishmum · 25/05/2006 23:37

I flew a couple of times with dd and ds who are less than a year apart when they were small, also dd who was 3 at the time. Some other airlines wouldn't let me fly, but BA and SAS did. Didn't have a car seat, but they were a bit older. BA were good with help through customs, to plane etc, but make sure you know where your buggy will be. Once had a horrible walk back to luggage at T1 Heathrow holding 2 small babies and with grumpy toddler in tow! They should take you on that mini train thing if you book it ahead.


harrogatemum · 12/06/2006 12:26

I have flown with my twins who were then 5 months but had DH with me so we just had seats at the bulkhead with bassinets - I dont understand why you have to book a seat for them? Is it because you are travelling alone with them?


Laura032004 · 12/06/2006 12:38

I'd buy a seat so you can have a bit of rest - at 7 mnths they probably won't sleep in the aircraft seat itself.

I've flown with a carseat (with BA), but it needed to be one which would take a lapstrap fastening (most take the shoulder and lapstrap fastening). I had to buy a second hand older Britax one, which I just keep for flights.

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