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Villas/Cottages In France

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Metrobaby · 01/02/2004 11:54

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of these and could recommend any good websites ? We are thinking of the Dordogne area.

I know there was an old thread on this but it seems to have disappeared now ....

OP posts:
Janh · 01/02/2004 13:40

I remember Tinker (think it was Tinker) recommended French Connections

Nome · 01/02/2004 16:21

We used Easy Cottages last year and were very happy with them. Also used Chez Nous but weren't quite as pleased.

bayleaf · 01/02/2004 16:30

IF you want child care then consider \link{\here the domaine de longeveau - I've recommnended it before on here and at least one person has been and enjoyed - does get v booked up tho. Book direct if you're using it as is cheaper - but I can't find their direct web site. tel 00 33 545 98 55 13 ( they're English)

bayleaf · 01/02/2004 16:31

ok so link didn't work -sorry, can't be bothered to check why!

Metrobaby · 01/02/2004 16:40

Thanks for all the contributions so far. There is one website, I remember though, which another MN'er recommended which ended in www.??????.nl - where the middle part was a foreign name I think. It's really frustrating as the old thread has gone (as in fallen off the bottom). Can anyone remember it ?

OP posts:
popsycal · 01/02/2004 16:44

Oh we went to a fab one afew years ago - you will neeed to get a car though....i will just find you the link

popsycal · 01/02/2004 16:47

we stayed at property 165 - chez celine
beautiful and lots of stuff nearby - though we didnt have kids then

a friend uses this company all the time
frech affair

popsycal · 01/02/2004 16:50

ps - in the lot region....near cahors

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