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Little fishing village, near to beach, not touristy - YES BUT WHERE IS IT??

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Moomin · 31/01/2004 14:25

I've been going boss-eyed trying to find a suitable holiday for me, dh and 2 year old dd!!!! I can see where I want to go - it's not very touristy but it's got lots of traditional tavernas and they all love dd (natch). We're in a s/c appartment or even a local family-run hotel with everything in walking distance, right next to the beach. The flight only took us a couple of hours and the whole hoilday didn't break the bank.
There must be SOMEWHERE like this that at least ONE mumsnetter has been to!!! Can't you tell I'm getting manic now.... BTW we want to go in Whitsun half term.
Am I living in cloud cuckoo land?

OP posts:
fio2 · 31/01/2004 14:55

I love Padstow in Cornwall. We always had our holidays there when i was tiny

I like criccieth in Wales, but dont know if it a fishing village - but nice all the same

Also I like Wembury (I think that is what it is called!) nr Plymouth. It has a national trust beach and has lovely lodges (sc) to stay in. Loads of wildlife.

fio2 · 31/01/2004 14:56

and Darwin Park in Matlock is lovely, no fishing though

fio2 · 31/01/2004 14:58

ooops you want to go abroad dont you? I will go now.....

Mahon in menorca is nice but I just worry about the depth of the harbour (with no fencing round)

Mariora in Casa Blanca is nice, but cant remember if there was fishing

valleygirl · 31/01/2004 15:08

why not check out for some inspiration? they are a specialist Greek operator who concentrate on uncommercial Greece. Even if you don't book through them you can get a good sense as to what's what.
On the mainland would recommend Stoupa, Pelion, Sivota or Parga.
For better weather try further south - Western Crete - Loutro for example - only reachable by boat, very pretty, half a dozen restaurants and tavernas.
I love Paxos - but it is a flight to Corfu and a hydrofoil - but villages like Loggos and Lakka are so pretty. Pebble beaches main drawback.
Everywhere in Greece they LOVE kids!!!

sb34 · 31/01/2004 15:11

Message withdrawn

Janh · 31/01/2004 15:55

Nice apartment in Menorca - may or may not be avilable that week (unclear). Good website, we have rented from it.

fio2 · 31/01/2004 15:56

Jan dont you think that beach is much smaller in real life than it looks on photos? is it just me?

Janh · 31/01/2004 15:57

Oh - sorry - "not recommended for toddlers" - would that include a 2-yr-old? Spose it would really.

Janh · 31/01/2004 15:58

Always, fio! Though once you're used to it it doesn't matter.

hmb · 31/01/2004 16:11

Turkey is great for welcoming kids into Tavernas/ cafes etc. I've never been anywhere that was so family positive.

crystaltips · 31/01/2004 16:17

Burgau in Portugal - unspoilt fisshing village.
Transfer time from airport about 2 hours
Little bars and restaurants
Beach nearby

Priar de Luz nearby for a bit more action

Hire car advisable as might get cabin fever - it is quite quiet!

fisil · 31/01/2004 16:20

Stoupa in Greece. We stayed at Imedela's Apartments - self catering. Slightly out of the village and a steep wander down to the waterfront, but then two quiet(ish) beeches and lots of famiy run tavernas.

Carla · 31/01/2004 16:29

No one out there like me, I suppose, who couldn't bear to get on a plane again? Or am I only paranoid mum left in UK? (rushes to check her wind-up radio still works).....

SofiaAmes · 31/01/2004 23:49

I've posted this on other threads, but it's so wonderful, I can't help it. We go here several times a year with kids varying from 9mo. to 14 years. The beach goes forever and the water is really shallow for a really long time and very calm so you can let a 2 year old paddle quite comfortably at the edge of the sea while you sunbathe. I don't actually know when Whitsun is (doesn't exist in the usa), but you can expect sunbathing weather from may on and possibly warm enough in april too.

beetroot · 01/02/2004 08:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

beetroot · 01/02/2004 08:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Moomin · 01/02/2004 09:58

HOORAH!! Thanks so much for all these lovely ideas. Mumsnet should start up a travel agency - this has been so much easier than all that trawling through page after page of holiday websites. Should have come here first!

Oh well, never mind because I have made my mind up and the winner is..... SofiaAmes with the gorgeous apartments in Sperlonga!! I'm so excited - I've always wanted to go to Italy. The prices are great for the time we want to go (btw, Sofia, Whitsun is late May/early June) and we can get cheapish flights from easyjet. I've just emailed the website and I'm hoping to get a reply asap.

Thanks so much SofiaAmes - I'll let you know how we get on... XXX

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 01/02/2004 23:32

Moomin, how exciting. I hope it lives up to my descriptions. I will be there from 29th of may to 5th june with my parents and my ds (3.5) and dd (1.5). If you do go, let me know and we can hook up. We're flying on ba. sat. to sat. (that's how the hotel does their reservations). When you reserve, make sure to ask for a room in the lower part of the hotel. (Bring your own tea. The italians are good at everything except tea.) Everything else you can buy there for much less than in england.

SofiaAmes · 01/02/2004 23:33

Oh and make sure you let them know that you "know" me.

Moomin · 09/04/2004 23:56

Gosh - sorry, SofiaAmes I didn't even see your replies from Feb until tonight!! We're going that week!!!! We emailed Mr and Mrs Chinappi lots to find a suitable room but I'm not sure whether it's in the lower part or not. It's room B, number 17. Any ideas?
How exciting that we'll be there at the same time! Do you think I should email them again to ask about the room and let them know I "know" you?
Feel free to email me through the 'contact another talker', by the way.

OP posts:
mummysurfer · 30/06/2004 22:29

just found this - do you 2 meet up?

beetroot · 30/06/2004 22:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

SofiaAmes · 01/07/2004 11:22

Yes we both went at the same time and had a fabulous holiday. Our children got on like wildfire (and so did we!). Hopefully we'll go on holiday together again sometime soon.

mummysurfer · 01/07/2004 12:51

that's lovely...getting on so well you'll do it again. looked at the website and it looks fantastic. how hot was the weather? we've always avoided italy thinking it would be too hot for us.

OldieMum · 01/07/2004 13:58

There are several places like this in Brittany. We are going to Moelan sur Mer this year, on the south coast. Last year we went to Beg Meil, which is further west on the same coast. We have also stayed in Ste Anne de Bellevue and in Le Pouldu, also on that coast. These places have plenty of tourists in them in high summer, but they are relaxed, full of French families and not tacky at all. I would recommend any of them. Each time, we have rented a house and had a wonderful time.

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