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Earliest date to fly with a baby?

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jamhead · 29/01/2004 14:02

Hi there. Looking for advice on safe time to travel long distance with a baby. Baby number one due in approx 5 days

My in-laws live in the US and obviously want to see first grandchild asap. Bit worried about baby breathing probs, pressure, etc. Can anyone advise?

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SoupDragon · 29/01/2004 14:03

Can't they come to you?

Hulababy · 29/01/2004 14:05

I thin I read that companies won't let children under 2 weeks travel. No idea where that has come from though - possibly a airport type programme on TV.

StressyHead · 29/01/2004 14:07

message withdrawn

Lou33 · 29/01/2004 14:08

I flew from Dublin to the Uk with a 3 day old baby, early arrival took us by surprise. The docs gave the all clear and so did the airline. Then again it was a short flight.

suzywong · 29/01/2004 14:08

wait until baby has had all 3 sets of jabs
That's what we did when we took DS1 to see Australian family at 5 months.
That way you can be sure they won't pick anything really too awful up.
Of course you could go at 3 months in terms of cabin pressure etc, but we left it until all immunisations had been done.

lydialemon · 29/01/2004 14:33

Not quite long haul, but my SIL emigrated to Cyprus when her DD was 6 weeks with no problems (only a 4.5 hour flight).

Not to worry you, but wasn't there a link found between long haul flights and SIDS? Apologies if I've got it mixed up, or if its now been debunked.

tiredemma · 29/01/2004 14:48

no airline will really let you a baby travel under the age of 2 weeks, some are 6 weeks, youd need to check with relevant airline

Blu · 29/01/2004 14:55

Hi Jamhead, I took my DS to greece when he was 9 weeks, with no trouble, BUT I agree with those who advise caution and a long wait. Apart from anything else, long haul travel and jet-lag is a considerable strain on you, and until you know how established you are with feeding, sleeping etc, the exhaustion could take all the fun out of it. I would wait until the baby is born and then after a month or so, see how 'up for it' you feel. waitng for jabs seems a good idea. Also, you have to get a passport for the baby. (do you need a visa for babies going to the U.S?).
The most precious time in getting to know your little one and get used to being a family is in those first couple of months, and I would be careful before scheduling in too many activities. can they come to you? (But again, there are disadvantages to having guests in the house for long periods, unless you feel very comfortable woth them, and they HELP!).

steppemum · 29/01/2004 17:17

there has been a thread about this before, with lots of good advice, so do a search. I live overseas and so know lots of people who have babies at home and then fly back here (7 hours from Europe). The norm is around 6 weeks, after your 6 weeks check, although some mums have been known to return when baby is only 4 weeks. I think doctors usually do recommend that you don't fly with a very small baby because their immune system is still immature and they will be exposed to such a large crowd at the airport and on the plane.
I seem to remember that 8 weeks was recommended because the baby has had first set of jabs.

The link between SIDS and long haul flights caused panic for a while, but it was later disproved, and there is no SIDS advice now not to fly.
I flew back here when ds was 8 weeks. To be honest I couldn't have sat down for 7 hours until he was about 6 or 7 weeks, let alone done the whole airport/long flight thing.

The first few days here were hell as he was awake until 2am, crying, because of jet lag. It took him over a week to settle on to the new time, so think about being guests in someone's house with a crying baby all night, and you and dh feeling stressed and exhausted because you aren't sure what to do to help him switch time zones. We have been back to Europe when he was 9 months old, and he switched time much, much more easily.

We lived with my parents (who are fab)for the first 8 weeks of ds life, until we came back here, and I would definitely think twice about going to stay with in-laws (even if they are fab) until you and baby have found your feet.

and my ds was a lovely happy baby who sleep through at 5 weeks, so it would be much harder with a less easy baby (not suggesting yours won't be an angel of course )

jamhead · 29/01/2004 17:52

Thanks everyone for the good advice.

It's a pity the in-laws are too infirm to fly so we have to go to them, but at least I have some basis for any plans now.

Being new to this mum business, I don't know much about jabs etc so I guess I'll wait and find all that out before making any decisions.

Anyway, thanks again. Now just fingers crossed for labour!

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