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Car seat dilemma

5 replies

chjlly · 19/05/2006 19:27

I am going away for a couple of days and am hiring a car to get about, I was going to take the carseat for dd 21/2 (booster seat with back)in suitcase but have just found it won't fit!! Blush
Do I just take the seat part and sit her on without the back or do I pay an extra £10 for it to go as baggage?

OP posts:

Gillian76 · 19/05/2006 19:28

Can you hire a car seat with the car?


Yorkiegirl · 19/05/2006 19:28

are you flying? Most airlines will let you take a car seat without extra charge.
If yours doesn't, I would pay the extra.


Gillian76 · 19/05/2006 19:35

Oh and I wouldn't put a 2.5 year old in just a booster fwiw.


chjlly · 19/05/2006 19:42

Thank you you have confirmed that what I thought I should do is right! I am going to ring hertz & see if I can get a car seat added on to the booking

OP posts:

Filyjonk · 19/05/2006 19:52

yeah, pay extra, if anything happens...yada yada yada...

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