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Is it true that you can't travel on a passport within 6 months of its expiry date?

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lilibet · 16/05/2006 16:50

We are going to France on 12 July and coming back on the 28th, dd's passport expires on the 1st August.

Will we be ok or do we have to get her a new one?

OP posts:

hana · 16/05/2006 16:51

I don't really know
but it's cutting it a bit fine!


fairyjay · 16/05/2006 16:53

I think it depends where to. I would have thought you'd be fine in France as it's part of the EU. I would check first though.


Hattie05 · 16/05/2006 16:54

I think France is ok, I think countries outside of EU have stricter rules. CHeck though!


Hattie05 · 16/05/2006 16:54

snap Grin


PrettyCandles · 16/05/2006 16:54

You can travel, but some countries won't let you in unless they know that you can get out again.

France being in the EU, I doubt it would be a problem, but it would be a good idea to double check first.


mrsflowerpot · 16/05/2006 16:55

we just had this for ds with Spain (although with a bit longer to run than that). Everything I could find said that it would be fine but I bottled it as am horrible worrier and got him a new one. They add the unexpired time on now so you don't 'lose' it.


LIZS · 16/05/2006 17:01

EU is usually ok but worth checking. From French Embassy site :-

"Passports : If you are a British citizen, you only need a valid passport or ID for the whole length of your stay in France. ".

You may need to have a return flight/crossing pre-booked for the 28th to prove your intention to return whilst it is still valid.


lilibet · 16/05/2006 17:27

Thank you Smile

OP posts:

daisy1999 · 17/05/2006 09:10

I just had this to go to spain and I had 5 months left on the passport. Passport office advice was to renew it which I have Angry


Cam · 19/08/2006 18:09

France is fine, we took dd a couple of weeks ago on a nearly-expired passport.


cutekids · 22/08/2006 14:43

i know someone who travelled to spain a couple of weeks ago and came home 2 days before her passport expired. still do check though!


BonyM · 22/08/2006 14:46

We went to Spain in April, not realising that dd1's passport had recently expired. No problems getting there and didn't even realise until the flight home when the flight attendent at the gate brought it to our attention. She let us on the plane though, and it wasn't picked up on coming back to the UK.

Not sure if it is officially allowed though!


ediemay · 22/08/2006 15:08

It is the USA who are being very strict about this at the moment. You should be fine. Have a lovely time!


mosschops30 · 22/08/2006 15:10

we went to menorca and dd only had 2 months left. I got advice from the spanish embassy and they said it was fine even if it ran out the day after we returned.

Just check with french embassy but am sure all EU is the same


Blandmum · 22/08/2006 15:12

No it isn't true. ds went with us to Holland when his was 2 months from expiry


kimi · 22/08/2006 15:16

think its only if going outside of europe that it has to have more then six months on it


NotQuiteCockney · 26/08/2006 13:35

It isn't even a problem everywhere outside Europe. We're in Canada atm, DS1's passport expires later this year (< 6 months for sure), and the Canadian requirement is that your passport is good until your return ticket.


twinsetandpearls · 26/08/2006 13:55

I think it also depends on who you fly with as we flew to London earlier in the year and easyjet would not let someone fly with a passport that was just out of date, luckily we mangaed to get a new one in time.


jodee · 26/08/2006 14:06

Slightly related but if you have got a passport expiring soon, or even if it has a couple of years left, it would be worth renewing NOW as the prices go up A LOT on 5th October.

Adult renewal goes up from £51 to £66.
Child renewal goes up from £34 to £45.

This is all to do with the new "biometric" ePassports the Govt is bringing in.

Fell sorry for the Swiss, their passports cost £219!


gs · 02/09/2006 16:58

not advisable depends on how long your trip is.

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