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Costa Blanca - Denia/Moraira, anyone been?

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elliott · 27/01/2004 14:21

Hi all - we are planning a villa holiday at Easter with another family and we're trying to choose between villas in Denia (well about 10km north, but near a beach) and in Moraira. Never been to this part of Spain and wondered if anyone could give inside info. We're looking for somewhere peaceful and low-key, with a nice beach - but activities such as windsurfing or go-karting (taking 2 pre-teen boys!) wihtin a short drive would be a bonus. Any info appreciated!

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elliott · 28/01/2004 10:43

take it the answer's no then

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whymummy · 29/01/2004 10:05

hi elliot,i've not been to denia or moraira but you could always try my village,is in costa del azahar,nearest airport is valencia,there's 6 km of sandy beaches,go karts and windsurfing,the only problem is that is very spanish and not a lot of people speak english,apart from that is lovely and quite but with a good night life if needed,my sister rents apartments and villas so she could help with that,if you don't fancy that good luck and i hope someone can give you more info on costa blanca

Kittypickle · 29/01/2004 10:41

Hi Elliot ! PILs live just in the mountains just outside Moraira, DH reckons there is a go-karting place in Moraira and a nice beach in Cumbre de Sol (halfway between Moraira & Javea). I've only visited them once and DD was 10 months at the time, so not really up on what there is for pre-teen boys! I liked Javea (12ish miles from Moraira) DH doesn't know much about Denia but said they didn't use to go there much because they found the route got quite congested, don't know if it still is. If you want any specific questions answering let me know and I'll email them and ask.

Lara2 · 02/02/2004 21:26

Go to Denia!! Used to live there - ALL the routes are congested at Easter, so don't worry about that. Denia has a fabulous beach - water sports and there is a go-kart place at El Poblet Urbanization up the Las Marinas road (used to live opposite it). There's also a riding stable there. Great Indonesian restaurant called 43 just round the corner from this - just sign up for a table on the chit outside the door if they're closed. Denia has a good castle, the evil Borgia family originated from here. If you're there at the right time, you may see the Fallas, but not sure if it's too late. I loved living there - good restaurants and as lively or as quiet as you want it. Less British than Javea or Moraira, you get alot of Italians and Madrilenos at Easter for some reason. Also Germans and Dutch. I do miss it - sigh! Hope you have a great time! Take some warm clothes too - not always fab weather at Easter.

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