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Scottish airports to Paris

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hullabaloo · 09/05/2006 21:14

I'm hoping to travel from Glasgow to Paris but don't want to pay alot so ryanair looking like a good option. Only problem is travelling from Beauvais to the Disney area. Has anyone done this? Is it OK or a nightmare ? What about prices? Would ideally like to fly to CDG but this looks like an expensive option with BA (around twice the price!) Any advice appreciated!!

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hullabaloo · 09/05/2006 23:44

Anyone? Where are all the Scottish girls?

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 10/05/2006 07:34

TBH I'd pay extra to both fly to CDG and just as importantly to avoid flying Ryanair. They may be cheap but they are certainly not cheerful (they have very low baggage allowance of 15kg and their "customer service" is frankly non existant).


AttilaTheMeerkat · 10/05/2006 07:36

This particular thread may be of some use to you as these people did the same route as you're planning.


Skribble · 11/05/2006 22:24

I have done this journey, firstly I take it you know its prestwick which is about 50 minutes south of Glasgow. Same as Beauvais ain't in Paris Grin.

Also read up on the latest T&C for baggage, I had to pat 8E on the way back from spain but the woman in front had to pay 93E. The flight is so short and the attendents on the plane are fine its just check in staff that are a bit well lacking but I suppose they get lots af abuse regards the new baggage policies.

Well the first time we went I paniced when I realised that Disney shuttle bus didn't go as far a Beauvais. I tried to get info on transportation but decided to rent a car. It was a bit wasted as it just sat outside the hotel at disney the whole time.

The second time we were staying in Paris with a day to Disney.
First there are shuttle buses in to the centre of paris, they drop of near the Arc de triophe (?).
Nearby there is a Metro station, at this station you can buy an ticket that will take you right out to disney and can include entry too if going for the day.
The \link{\Paris Visite} ticket is a zone card. We had the 1-3 zone card but Disney is in zone 5 so we bought an extra ticket for the day. Have a look at the map showing the zones.
You have to change from the metro to the RER train which stops right at Disney.


Skribble · 11/05/2006 22:33


Disney is at the end of the red A4 line.

Ryan air drop of near Metro station - Porte Maillot on Line 1. You can change to the RER at Charles de Gaule Etole.

You could walk or get a taxi to RER station to save the Metro bit.

The RER trains get a bit of getting used to.
Metro- find the name of the station at the end of the line on which your destination is on, follow signs for that at the stations.

RER- find a timetable, check which line your destination is on, again know the name of the station at the end, remember RER lines tend to split so get the right one, find the name of your train, (4 letters like LARA or TINA), find out which platform, wait for train with the name on that you want.


Skribble · 11/05/2006 22:36

P>S> Ryanair's shuttle bus cost 10E each 3 years ago each way, you can buy the ticket at the tartan gift shop in Prestwick beside the checkin, or you can just get on the bus a Beauvais and pay the guy that gets on to sell tickets.


hullabaloo · 12/05/2006 00:37

Oh my God Skribble!!! ShockHave looked at 3 different options the cheapest being this journey you have described with a travel sick DH and a 6 yo! OR for about £175 more I could fly from GLA to CDG and have a far less complicated (I hope!) route! We're hoping to stay at apartments in the Val d'Europe area which apparently is one stop from Disney. Much as I would love to go and my 6yo will LOVE it, it's not my DH's cup of tea at all and I'm trying to keep costs down as well as keep everyone happy and give me a stress free journey. Don't know if I could face all that you described but then CDG might be just as bad!!

OP posts:

Skribble · 12/05/2006 01:04

I am not sure about the other transport options from GDG, we flew into there once and got the disney shuttle bus direct to the disney hotel.

It is still a long journey and if you are not stayingat a disney hotel it might not be that direct a connection.

It sounds a lot to tackle but if you get the morning flight and don't go mad with the luggage it is do-able. Just look at it as an adveture. The worst bit travel sick wise will be the bu but you will have that even if you fly to CDG.

If DS is 6 he will amange a small back back and a medium sized trolley case each for yourselves. I wouldn't fancy tackling this with a toddler or a babay in a pram but 6yrs will be fine. Mine were 5 and 8 yrs when we were there the last time.

I would avoid arriving in the evening as by the time you get there and get the bus into Paris it will be getting late, that would be OK if staying in city centre but I wouln't fancy trying to get out to ValdeEurope at 10pm.

The thing is it is the evening flights are the cheapest. Check your dates and remember to take into consideration the taxes and it might not be the bargain it looks.


Skribble · 12/05/2006 01:06

P.S. I will e.mail you specific diagrams as to where the bus comes into paris and how to find the metro if you need it. I did this for my BIL when he took his GF on a surprise trip. I did all his travel plans and found a little cheap romantic hotel in Montemarte. I was so jealous that it wasn't for me and DH Grin.


hullabaloo · 12/05/2006 23:18

Ah see I thought there was a train from CDG that would take me more or less the whole way. To be honest for me and my son it will be a huge adventure it's my DH that will moan and have a crabbit face!! I just really want to go beacuse DS is such agood age and so mad keen at the moment. But I also got my kitchen done and painted more or less the whole house so money is an issue!

OP posts:

Skribble · 13/05/2006 22:45

Hullaballo you could be right, yes just checked on the website and you can get the RER (blue line) and change to the red line at Chatelet les Halles. Only 1 change on the RER then argh!!! Grin.

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