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I need to find a cheap flight - please help me

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salt · 23/01/2004 14:28

Where's the best place to find cheap flights on or offline?

I will be eternally grateful of suggestions.


OP posts:
Crunchie · 23/01/2004 14:29

Where from/to???

DSW · 23/01/2004 14:30

Where are you flying to?

It is best to book well in advance for cheap flights - it also depends where you are going.

EasyJet is normally Good - if you book in plenty of time.

FlyB is also reasonable (ditto above though)

sb34 · 23/01/2004 14:30

Message withdrawn

StressyHead · 23/01/2004 14:31

message withdrawn

JanHR · 23/01/2004 14:34

I usually use EasyJet or BMIbaby. thI have found the earlier you book the cheaper the flight.

FairyMum · 23/01/2004 14:36

Depends where you are going. Shop around. I use Expedia, but normally find it cheaper to book directly with airline!

salt · 23/01/2004 14:36

It's for the end of April to ireland for a wedding. don't have much time to shop round and they all seem really expensive

OP posts:
marialuisa · 23/01/2004 14:38

Opodo can be good (3 direct returns from Manchester to Newark, £700), Ebookers is a bit misleading as they don't include taxes etc.

Have had a few probs with Expedia recently so not my first choice ATM.

ks · 23/01/2004 14:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ks · 23/01/2004 14:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ks · 23/01/2004 14:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pie · 23/01/2004 14:42

You can try

You tell them where you want to go and give them dates you're available and the maximum you are willing to pay, and they try to match you up to an airline.

salt · 23/01/2004 14:50

Ok. Thanks am off to look

OP posts:
nicm · 23/01/2004 23:35

hi salt

you could also try aer arann. i've seen it advertised on local tv recently, so may be worth a try.

website is

hope this helps


Chandra · 24/01/2004 01:51

I mostly use expedia but is great to find out about offers. It give you the prices and the name and websites of the agencies that may have those prices, however I will recomend you pick anyone from the list and ring them, it would save you hours and all the agencies have access to the same prices.

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