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cheap holiday for 6?

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stellar · 21/01/2004 10:29

I really need a summer holiday this year but we are on a tight budget. It is for 2 adults and 4 kids (aged 7y, 5y, 3y and baby aged 3 months).

We didn't have the money to use the Haven half price holiday offer as you needed to pay in full at time of booking - now we have the money all the weeks we want have gone

We have £600 max and would like to book 2wks with that for the 1st 2 wks in July. I would prefer North Devon or Cornwall (or anywhere that has nice beaches nearby).

Is it possible? Any recommendations or suggestions.


Stella xx

OP posts:
MaggieW · 21/01/2004 10:49

We had a very nice holiday in South Wales in Mumbles, which is surrounded by lovely sandy beaches. We stayed in a house which we booked through a local agency called Home From Home - they're online but not sure of web address (google will find it I'm sure!). It was really economical compared to other options. I'd recommend the actual house as it was large enough for six and had all the facilities of home as well as TV/video/DVD etc. Close enough to restaurants for a night out but also with fully equipped kitchen to save money by staying at home to eat. Can't remember the name of the road but the word Thistle was in it somewhere. They obviously have other houses availble too in the area. Local beaches are lovely and safe and there are lots of walks etc to do too and other places within an easy drive to go to on a non-beach day.

lilibet · 21/01/2004 12:09

If you're going out of the main school holiday time, have you thought about France? It's dead cheap and the campsites are heaven for children.

There is a firm that Custardo recommends, I think its called Leisure Direct or Directions, you would find it on a google search.

Sonnet · 21/01/2004 12:14

Also for France - if you are a tesco clubcard holder you can transfer your clubcard coupons for tunnel coupons at 4 times their face value ie £% of clubcard vouchers is worth £20 against tunnel fare. I did that last year and am busily saving them up again to do the same!! - sorry, not much use if you're not!

nutcracker · 21/01/2004 12:16

We found some good campsites in France on haven't actually been there but they look really good. The prices include return ferry crossings too.

lilibet · 21/01/2004 12:31

We're going with this year and its £1172 for 14 nights, but that is slap bang in the middle of the school holidays.

stellar · 21/01/2004 18:30

none of us have passports so it would cost a fortune just for those! (nearly £200 for 2 adults and 4 kids! eek!)

so no suggestions for anywhere in the UK then?

Stella xx

OP posts:
JanH · 21/01/2004 18:39

MaggieW mentioned Mumbles - we've had a camping holiday at Port Eynon which is also on the Gower Peninsula and it is a fabulous place - loads of beaches, all different, in a very small area.

This is a list of holiday cottages there, just the first site I came to - if you go to Google and put in "cottages Gower peninsula" there are lots more.
I'll have a look round myself later (I like a challenge!)

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