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Am I mad planning a holiday with a newborn?

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Dixie · 14/01/2002 12:58

Last year we went on a small break away at a caravan park in Dorset and we had the most wonderful family holiday!! We loved it so much we booked up there & then for the following year.

We've been really looking forward to it all and the activities on site & surrounding areas were brilliant with so much for all of us to do, even a special toddler time for our son...this time round as he'll be a bit older there will be even more to do so we are really looking forward to it....but......

I am pregnant with our 2nd child. It is due at the end of June the holiday is booked for the end of August. The new baby will be about 8 weeks old our son will be 2 and a half years old.

I really would like your opinions as to wether we should still go ahead with this holiday....part of me feels

A) being a new mum shouldn't stop me doing things, it won't be as daunting as last time having a newborn as I know what to expect mostly this time round and also part of me feels it would be nice to have a break away after the pregnancy & birth, alittle treat if you follow my drift.

but then I also feel....

B) It is abit soon after the birth, suppose there are complications. Also I might be used to being a mum but i won't be used to having TWO!

opinions please ladies, particularly any mum's who have more than 1 young child who can give me a real insight into if it could work out.

Other info you might wish to help consider your responses.....

It is two bed luxury caravan with mod cons & microwave. The lounge area opens up with a sofa bed area also. My mother has said she would also join us as she wanted to spend a holiday with her grandson (and now that NO2 is going to be around as well she feels the help would be good too..)

I have had complications in my pregnancy that mean A) baby MAY BE INDUCED EARLIER & B) I may have to have a 2nd 'C' Section....

So am I mad to even consider going a head with this holiday or could it be just the break I deserve????

OP posts:
TLB · 14/01/2002 16:25

I think you're mad to consider NOT going ahead. Newborns in my humble opinion are so easy to transport especially if b/f. You will cope jsut like last time and you'll have dad and toddler time on hand - go and enjoy yourself.

Crunchie · 14/01/2002 16:58

Go Go Go!! I went away for a weekend in Blackpool when No2 was about 8 weeks. I had had c-section No2 and went on all the mad rides (including the BIG ONE) and have to say that it was the 2 year old who was the pain. The journey with the baby was easy peasy (she slept) the todldler whinged or yelled, and she was happy as larry in her sling, while the toddler couldn't decide whether to walk, go in the buggy, be carried etc!

So my advice is go and make damn sure everyone else does all the cooking/cleaning etc and jyou just sit down and do nothing (except sunbathe) also with a mobile home thing the baby can stay happy in the shade, and you can chill out while your hubby and granny deal with the toddler! However will you really need your mum there, will she be more help or hindrance? I know this sounds mean but a small (even a luxury caravan is small) caravan with 2 beds means someone will have to have the sofa (and this can be a problem in the evenings), and you might want to relax and just be a family on your own.

So I would go, without the Mum, and plan to spend a bit more on eating out perhaps (easy with a baby as they can feed at the table) so you don't have to wash up.

Ems · 14/01/2002 17:08

Dixie - go!

Its somewhere you've been before and know.

It'll be a break from home and the mad two months after having a baby, it will be nice to spend time as a family away from home.

Baby will be so new and portable and sleepy (hopefully!!)

Snugs · 14/01/2002 21:27

Go for it! I did exactly the same last year - eldest not quite 4, baby 6 weeks. Brilliant holiday!

And I would recommend that you don't bother with a travel cot - we used the pram pushed into the bedroom so had more room to pack essentials (i.e yet more toys for eldest).

MalmoMum · 14/01/2002 22:41

Sounds great and you'll have lots of support. Could you get the chance to have the once over your family's holiday kit before the baby arrives and put it to store in your suitcase. Anything that eases brain quota in those first few weeks

SueDonim · 15/01/2002 00:09

Not mad at all, Dixie! Have your holiday and enjoy. Babies of that age need so little that it will be a breeze.

And if you need an extra boost to make the decision, you can tell yourself that if it doesn't work out, you can just go home early, as you're in the UK!

Have a lovely time.

Ailsa · 15/01/2002 00:39

Go for it Dixie, I went on a caravan holiday with dd age 3yrs, ds age about 5 or 6wks, dh and MIL. At the time new baby was still a novelty to everyone except me! To solve the problems with sleeping arrangements (ds waking up 3 or 4 times a night), dh & dd slept in the double bed, MIL slept in the twin room, and ds and I slept in the lounge, he usually started off in the pram, and once he woke, I put him into bed with me. If I'd had a particularly bad night, MIL looked after baby and dh took dd out for a walk while I went into the bedroom and did some catching up.

This turned out to be one of the best breaks we've had with MIL in tow (MIL & dh usually wind each other up).

bells2 · 15/01/2002 10:55

Definitely go!. Our daughter is 8 weeks and we have already been away for a couple of long weekends. It is so much easier to do it now when she is exclusively breastfed than when she is on solids and needs bottles sterilised and so on.

Dixie · 16/01/2002 17:28

Thanks to you all for your very positive remarks, I suppose the newborn side of it is the least of my worries. I'm more worried about actually having the toddler in tow as well and feeling badly after the 'c' section (not planned for sure yet but going by past complications I think I won't have a choice). I'm trying to stay positive & think it will work out, your encouragement has been great but those of you with 2 children am I being realistic? Hubby of course it very supportive and will do which ever I feel is right for me, I just don't want it to end up a Daddy with with toddler & mummy with newborn split sort of holiday. (I know I probably sound very trival but i'm really daunted at the prospect of having two! although very pleased as well...does that make sense?)

OP posts:
munchie · 17/01/2002 20:53

Dixie of course you should go. We went away last January when number 2 was only 5 weeks old. It was a very special time for all of us. It gave us time to get used to being a family of four and also as baby was so small and asleep alot we could spend time with our eldest which we probably wouldn't have done had we been at home.
I know the prospect of another does seem daunting but really I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It is so much easier as your more relaxed, less anxious with number two.
All the best.

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