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What are Virgin airlines toddler seats like? I need to book asap!! HELP!

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luche · 25/04/2006 12:02

Am in a total panic as we're off to the States for a year and I need to book flights today....
I have a 15 month old son who is pretty good but doesn't sit still for a second. Saying that, he's good in his car seat. However, Virgin airlines won't allow you to take your own car seat but offer their own 'infant care seat' (a booster seat type thing I think). Does anyone know what these are like? Are they comfortable for toddlers? Do they have shoulder straps? Or should I book a BA flight which costs more but allows us to take our own seat.

Any advice would be TRULLY appreciated.

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SecondhandRose · 25/04/2006 12:18

Why doesn't he just sit in a normal seat, he'll have more room. Just take off and let him get on with it, don't worry they all scream and run up and down the aisles.


luche · 25/04/2006 13:39

For someone so mobile he's pretty docile in his car seat so am hoping that the Virgin seat may have the same effect....(ever hopeful). But I have read one review which said it was v uncomfortable and wondered if others thought the same.

OP posts:

sunnydelight · 26/04/2006 14:54

I'm sure you are aware of this already, but if you are paying an infant fare for him as an under 2 he will not be allocated a seat anyway. If you want a seat (rather than relying on the goodwill of check in staff to "block" a seat if the flight isn't full) you will have to pay a child's fare.


elastamum · 26/04/2006 15:19

They are pretty small but much better than having a child on your lap as they are on the bulkhead. I seem to remember they have straps and are strapped to the folddown table on the bulkhead. they are not all that big, our son wouldnt fir in it. If you do book a seat make sure the airline understands it is for a baby. BA tried to take our paid for seat off us as they said we didnt need it and they were overbooked!


Flum · 26/04/2006 15:32

don't you have to buy him a whole seat then?

mine sat on my knee until age 2


AmyP · 27/04/2006 19:11

I have recently booked a holiday with Virgin and they pointed out that the baby seats are strapped on to the seat and are therefore not removable. I ended up deciding against paying for the extra seat because if they baby won't sit in the chair the seat can't be used!!


sugarfree · 27/04/2006 19:42

and with Virgin,if you don't pay for a seat (for an under 2)then they don't get meals.
Closest I've ever come to decking another human being.How very dare they deny my boy a poxy meal,fgs?
(Travel agent never mentioned it,MyTravel fed him the year before and Virgin fed him on the flight out)
Getting quite het up now,thinking about it!Blush

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