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Making a Travel Cot more comfy?

4 replies

girlsmum · 24/04/2006 14:56

Hi, we're flying to Valencia in a fortnight.

My 2.7 dd will sleep happily in a single bed however, my 16 month old dd will sleep in our travel cot.

She has slept in the travel cot before but not very well - I think its because its so hard and uncomfortable. Does anyone have any tips on how to soften it a bit?


OP posts:

janinlondon · 24/04/2006 14:58

We always put a cot sized low tog duvet in under the bottom sheet to make it more comfy...?


suzybow · 24/04/2006 15:16

we bought a travel cot mattress which is OK if you are travelling by car (it folds in half) but doesn't go any smaller e.g. if you need to pack in flight luggage. it was from £16.99 - hope this helps


Olihan · 24/04/2006 15:37

I'd second a duvet or extra layers under the sheet. Are you staying in a hotel? they could probably give you something to put underneath to save you carrying it with you.


inglis · 24/04/2006 20:58

see the other thread on this -- ' cot' or something

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