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ma2cra · 22/04/2006 11:00

Has anyone been to this site in Holland? We're considering going at Easter next year (hubby likes to plan ahead lol)

Any info would be appreciated.


OP posts:

Blandmum · 22/04/2006 11:39

Have been 3 times ,all at Easter, and it is totaly wonderful! We have just come back from a week there

How old are your kids?

Who are you thinking of going with?

Camping or caravan or Duingalow?

Only down side of Easter is that it isn't that warm, but loads to do on site and around the area. Dutch food isn't that great.

What do you want to know?


ma2cra · 22/04/2006 14:48

What's a duingalow??? We'd be looking at caravan for that time of year.

The boys would be 12, 10 and 8. Not bothered about the weather unduly (would prefer it not to rain tho, lol)

Still looking around at this stage but we've used Keycamp before.

What's the water park like?

Which crossing do you use?

What do you suggest about food?


OP posts:

Blandmum · 22/04/2006 14:59

OK, the campsite has pitches for tents and touring caravans, also hosts Canvas, Keycamp, Eurocamp etc. They also have their own chalets Duingalows.....these work out as more expensive than the Cravan option, but they do have a bit more living space.

OK first things first the site is big with around 2000 or so pitches/vans etc. The water park is excellent and is free for 2 hours from 10 till 2. The slides run from the gentle lazy river to the scary Blitz and Flitz whic scare my dh and he used to be a fighter pilot! There are 6 water slides/ shutes, two that you do down in a mini boat (one in the dark), two slides that end in a funnel that you shoot around and the lasy river. there are series of pools, the largest of which has a wave machine. the pools are not that big. the slides are the real thing. Perfect for your age boys!

The theme park is also good fun, but not full of white knuckle rides. there is still plenty for your age kids to do, the 12 year old might find some of them take but there is Mad Mill, Splash and a another thrill ride to keep him happy. The themem park is free all day, every day.

We wentinto the water park every morning, canme back to the van for lunch and then went into the theme park inthe afternoon.

You can hire bikes and go carts....out two loved this and would entertain themselves for hours riding round the park.

We go on the channel tunnel, as we are crap sailors. Hoinf Harwich/ hook of holland cuts the drive in holland to 30 mins but adds to the cost.

Food. There are snack bars on site. there are also two resturants which are OK but not great. We stop in cite Europe in Calais and stock up, tbh. there is a shop on site which is OK but not a massive range.

It is great fun. We have now been three times and wil go again next year. the kids talk about it more than Eurodisney if I am honest!

Any more questions, let me know.


ma2cra · 22/04/2006 15:11

That's really useful thanks. Sounds a fabulous place to entertain the boys (if not a bit bigger and more boisterous than we're used to, lol).

Are any of the companies better than the others, in your experience?

Is the themepark free access every day, or is that extra?

As an aside, have you ever done a split-site holiday?

OP posts:

Blandmum · 22/04/2006 15:40

We go with carvas but they are all much of a muchness. Some may give you a better deal.

The theme park is free all dat 10 til 1700. You have to pay for arcade style games but most of the rest is free, bumper cars, etc

I have done a split site with canvas but not when going to duinrell. We go for a week, drive there and back is hellish but 'doable' in a day


ma2cra · 22/04/2006 21:14

d'oh, you did say the theme park was free in the earlier post.

I asked about the split-site holiday because if we go next Easter it will be our "main" holiday so we're likely to go for a fortnight and may consider doing that, any further advice on that would be great.

Next year's brochures aren't out yet, so we've to wait a while, but your comments have been really helpful, thank you.

OP posts:

littleshebear · 22/04/2006 22:39

We have been and it is lovely. I was worried it would be too big as we normally go to smaller sites , but it feels smaller than it is and is very green and quite peaceful in a strange sort of way! The kids loved the theme park and pool but for me the best bit was cycling round the park - you can hire bikes on-site - and going to Amsterdam, using park and ride.There is also a really good playground. Wassenaar is about 5 minutes walk and there is quite a good little supermarket there - cheaper than the site one, and other interesting shops. We didn't eat on site apart from an awful meal at the fast food place the first night, but there is a restaurant and bar there. The pool is excellent - you only get two hours free though so you have to keep an eye on the time! There were hardly any queues in the theme park, and we went at whitsun, so that was another plus. I would really recommend it.


ma2cra · 23/04/2006 10:16

Thanks littleshebear, it sounds great.

OP posts:

pebblemum · 23/04/2006 10:51

Glad i found this thread. We are going here on June 15 for 10 days. have looked at the website and brochures but was unsure exactly what to expect. There are 8 of us going but only 2 kids, my ds's aged 9 and 2.7 so plenty of adults to entertain the kids. We are flying from gatwick, it only takes a couple of hours then from start to finish, much easier when you have a boisterous 2yr old Grin

Sorry to hijack thread but does anyone know what the weather will be like mid june? have just stocked up on shorts and t-shirts so am hoping it will be similar to ours.
Also in the brochure it says it is ideal for a short break ie 4nights but we are there for 10. Is there enough to do there that we wont get bored after a few days of doing the same thing. And is there anywhere nearby you would recommend visiting -my inlaws are coming and would love to be able to suggest places for us to visit so they dont get fed up hanging around the theme park


Blandmum · 23/04/2006 13:28

Places to go nearby

There is a sea life centre in Shrevingen (sp?_)

a fanatastic miniature holland in Maurodam (well worth a visit)

The bulb field....but not in June possibly

The seaside is very near, you can hire bikes and there are cycle paths everywhere and it is, of course , dead flat!

Amsterdam is a 30 mile drive, park and ride or taking the train is the best bet to go in.

We have spent a week there and only left the compex for a day!


littleshebear · 23/04/2006 21:28

We went to Amsterdam, and into Leiden, which is nearer and also has lots of canals, and a natural history museum and windmill museum to wander round. We only went for a week, and I didn't get to do all the sightseeing I'd have liked to because the children wanted to stay there! I especially wanted to go and see all the windmills at kindersdjik (sp?) but it was the other side of Rotterdam and the traffic was a bit of a nightmare. I think 10 days would be good as it'd allow you to get out and about a bit more.


pebblemum · 24/04/2006 21:12

Thanks for the replies. It sounds like we have made a good choice by going there, just hope the weather is nice and sunny. It also sounds like we may have to drag the boys away from the theme park kicking and screaming if we are going to have any hope of sight seeing, that will be fun Grin.


mrsbang · 28/04/2006 01:02

Got talking to a colleague and his family went a few years back - he (and his lads) had a fab time and he was very enthusiastic about the place, including the duingalows lol.

Think I've made my, when are the brochures out? lol.

Thanks again everyone

(previously ma2cra)


Blandmum · 28/04/2006 07:16

If you google for duinrell you get to their website and they have an online brochure. (if you google earth you can see all the slides etc it is great!)

You can also book through all the major camping /caravaning companies, like Eurocamp, Canvas and Keycamp.

TBH it isn't that much cheaper to book direct (at least at easter , when we go). It is also quit expensive to go there with your own tent/caravan, but the facilities are excellent.


grumpyfrumpy · 28/04/2006 07:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grumpyfrumpy · 28/04/2006 07:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

throckenholt · 28/04/2006 07:45

if you want to visit the area - Den Haag and Delft are both nice, and take the double decker train to Amsterdam (from Den Haag at least).

And the bulb gardens at Keukenhof are interesting too.

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