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Suggestions for cheap holiday with newborn plus toddler

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Bozza · 14/01/2004 15:56

No2 is due 16 May. DS is 3 in Feb. I have put our names down for one of those Sun holidays (4 nights) in September in a caravan in southern Scotland. We would also like to have a week earlier in the summer. I am thinking the last week in June/first in July as being before school hols and hopefully baby will be solely breastfed (DS was at that age) so should reduce paraphanalia required.

We live in Yorkshire and don't want to travel too far. When DS was 6 months went to Cornwall and he decided he wouldn't sleep in his car seat and so cried virtually all the way there. DH anxious not to repeat though unlikely with such a littlie I would have thought. We want it to be as cheap as possible not having much spare cash to throw around during my mat. leave. Any ideas? We quite enjoyed a caravan with DS and went with Haven but they don't seem that cheap to me. Anyone know any reasonable independent caravan parks? Or alternative accommodation/

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Ailsa · 14/01/2004 22:47

If you wait a while The Sun do summer offers too. For a couple of years we got a Haven site on August Bank Holiday.

Bozza · 15/01/2004 13:04

Any idea when that would be Ailsa?

I do think the Sun offers are great value so swallow my pride and buy it for x number of days. But when you look at what the Haven full price is - its loads more.

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melsmum · 15/01/2004 13:08

we have just booked 4 nights at haggerston castle in may for £120 including the expensive passes etc! if you go to the website they have a sale on.

Bozza · 15/01/2004 14:08

Really melsmum. We went to Haggerston Castle last May with the Sun vouchers. The passes are a bit annoying because we don't really use the facilities apart from the swimming.

Unfortunately May is out for us this year but will have a look and see what else is available. How old are your kids? We went to a little farm on the A1 outside Berwick somewhere with DS and he loved it. Also great beaches around there.

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Ailsa · 16/01/2004 00:11

I think around March/April. We did Haggerston on Sun offer July 2000, we made up 2 full weeks with the offers.

Northumberland has some great beaches, (I'm biased, I was brought up in Northumberland). I'm hoping to get back up there around march/april, will take the kids to Alnwick Castle (DD1 is Harry Potter Fan). My sister still lives in Northumberland so I'm doing the sun offer as a way to visit her, she hasn't got room in her house for me and 3 kids. DH won't be going as he doesn't get along with my sister.

Bozza · 20/01/2004 14:18

Thanks Ailsa - that would be nice timing for us. We did Alnwick Castle last year and I was surprised at how little they cashed in on Harry Potter. It was pouring with rain and DS aged just two was not over impressed.

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