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holiday in sun - help (too many supplements)

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mysonsmummy · 20/04/2006 19:48

i am taking my 4 year old away for 2 weeks last week of june. i really like look of the big complexes (somes idea of hell) OR superfamily with thomson that has loads going on. maybe even get couple of hours to myself if hes really happy in kids club. however, every where i am trying i and getting silly prices for supplements for not only paying a full adult fare for him (which i have resigned myself to) but then surcharges for not having 2 others to make a party of 4. has anyone any ideas of firstly a really really child orientated place and a an opertor who believe single parents deserve a holiday too lol. thomson say they do but when i go in to book it they still put all the surcharges on even though its a studio appt. ny thoughts about a nice, reasonable priced place to go and someone that wont overcharge me on supplements. thanks

OP posts:

lexiemum · 20/04/2006 20:41

can only suggest actually going into a travel agent - my sis was doing the same sort of thing on saturday. she's travelling alone and looking for 7days in the sun in may but all the websites refused this and started charging extras.

in the end she got a deal to cyprus on b&b in a all inclusive hotel and apparently (Travel agent phoned hotel) can upgrade to all inclusive for an extra £100 when she gets there - if she'd pre-booked she'd have paid another £250. No supplements and got the whole lot for under £300


FredBassett · 20/04/2006 23:00

I would suggest booking the Hotel and flights separately and trying to get it cheaper that way.
Here's an example of Hotels with good facilities in Majorca based on 15 nights (15th June - 30 June) Based on the cheapest Hotel, you could do it under £750 Grin

\link{\Hotel} £528.15 (SC) or £690.60 (HB)
\link{\Hotel} £609.45 (B&B) or £794.55 (HB)

Flights LGW - PMI (Thomson - good flight times)
£ 214.44 (1 ad & 1 ch return inc taxes)

Thu, 15 Jun 06
TOM 4151 14:15 Depart(LGW)17:30 Arrive (PMI)

Fri, 30 Jun 06
TOM 6058 14:00 Depart(PMI)15:30 Arrive (LGW)

Both Hotels just 25k from airport so taxi transfer would be pretty cheap.


FredBassett · 21/04/2006 12:08

I had a look at Thomson family Hotels on their website but they didn't have any availability from that brochure for the end of June. Was there a Hotel you particularly liked?


mysonsmummy · 23/04/2006 10:26

thank you for replies. i am a bit scared to book flights and hotel seperately (wimp) because i am going on my own with 4 year old id like the back-up of a package holiday . if poss one of the holiday villages that have everything - all inclusive. either spain or turkey. top on my list is a good kids club. went to greece to see a friend last year and lo was bit bored with pool and beach. i found a thomson superfamily hol in Minorca, Cala'N Forcat - Talayot Apts cb. when i am costing it its coming out £1300 - but only as i paying 2 x full adult price but then couple of 100's for supplements as well. in brochure they say they have studios. and list this of one of 4 that do single parent offer. thomson have just bought out a summer clearance paper and talayot apts are in there and is says 29 june - 12 july £369 Book Code QFT/QFV/QFU - what does that mean? thought maybe the later i went the warmer it might be so looking at going any day w/c 19th june for 14 nights. also really like first choice holiday village Pagasos Tropical/Palace this is all inclusive but may be out of my league - i can dream!!

i was under the impression it was cheaper to book it on internet and not in travel agency - have i got this completely wrong.

i really appreciate you taking time out to help me.

OP posts:

crunchie · 23/04/2006 10:33

It can be cheaper to book on the net, but usualy if you book it separately. If you want a package holioday I don't think the net will be cheaper. Also in theory you will get teh experience of a travel consultant who will know where to look for requests like your.

I agree that I would book direct with places, but that is just me, if you want a package go into a travel agencts


seb1 · 23/04/2006 11:24

you can get the first choice one in Turkey all inclusive flying from Gatwick for £1315.80 going out on 15 Jun is that too much


mysonsmummy · 23/04/2006 12:58

when ever i went on holiday before baby it was always the cheapest chespest i could get usually allocation on arrival. really want this holdiay to be different - is that about average for 2 weeks in the sun - it has got the kids club i want. also could you let me know about all inclusive . i wont be really drinking - on my own with baby not saying none but not getting hammered every night. and with water sports would lo be too young to enjoy many. 4 yo) what im asking would it be worth my while going all inclusive - what else does it entail. thanks so much

OP posts:

lexiemum · 24/04/2006 17:32

went to Hotel Belek, Belek, Turkey on AI - really was all the food (at least 6 meals a day!), drinks - help yourself and a minibar in room, topped up daily free of charge. Also provided towels as required (for beach and sauna)but watersports weren't included. think gym was though but not turkish massage, kids club was but wasn;t running when we were there so can't comment but the facilities looked good (but wasn't a mum then so maybe would look differently at them now.) hotel has own beach. There's enough to stay within the compund all day but easy to get out and about though wouldn't recommend taking young ones in the taxis! - stick to the organised coach tours.

would recommend but can't remember who we went with but think I recall seeing a thomson or first choice rep though.

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