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Parents Need Pampering - has anyone else booked a holiday with them?

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Milly1968 · 19/04/2006 22:59

I booked a holiday with them in January. The balance on our holiday is now due, but I can't get hold of Caroline, who runs the company. I've left messages on her answerphone (which was full last time I tried) and emailed her several times, but I've had no response.
Is anyone else in the same position? We're getting slightly concerned about the lack of response.

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Heathcliffscathy · 19/04/2006 23:01

i spoke to her on the phone about italy and she said that she was selling all the uk side of the business.....don't know if that applies to you????


LizP · 20/04/2006 12:12

We went to italy with them last october and she is a bit disorganised but it was a great holiday. Maybe she is still in Italy ? Thought I had a mobile phone number can't find it. Private schools don't go back yet so she might still be holidaying with her boys.


Milly1968 · 20/04/2006 13:22

Thanks for the replies. I think she is in Italy at the moment, I think she's actually moved out there and I guess this would tie in with what Sophable has said.

I'm assuming that she's been busy with the Easter holidays which is why she hasn't contacted me. I would have thought she would have liked my deposit though!

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