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Ideas for a Short Break in Bruges?

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PomsMum · 18/04/2006 18:39

DH & I are off to Bruges for a w/e before no 2 arrives in June - currently 33 weeks pregnant so looking for relaxing things to do without a lot of walking - anyone got any suggestions?

OP posts:

Whizzz · 18/04/2006 18:46

There's a lot of canals - they do boat tours !


MaryBS · 19/04/2006 02:43

Bruges doesn't involve a lot of walking as its not massive.

Obviously, I can recommend the chocolates :o

Which hotel are you stopping in? Don't want to worry you, but a friend has just come back from staying in hotel in Bruges, with SCABIES! I can't recall the name of their hotel off-hand, but it was a good one, and I'd remember it if someone said it.....


PomsMum · 19/04/2006 14:08

DH is trying to book something swanky - Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce I hope - looking at the website it doesn't look like it harbours scabies -that'd put you right off your chocs wouldn't it?! Canals & chocs it is then....

OP posts:

MaryBS · 19/04/2006 16:21

No it wasn't that one - you should be safe with that!


Nbg · 19/04/2006 16:23

The Chocolate Museum Grin Lots of free tasters!

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