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Birth certificates for passports? URGENT

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waterfalls · 18/04/2006 00:14

DS was born before me and dh were married, does that mean that his birth certificate is not valid and will be rejected by the passport office?

OP posts:
Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 18/04/2006 15:07

You can get a full certificate Becky but it has to be the from the entry in the adoption register. That has, in effect replaced your original birth entry although you can still get a copy of that too. Your original birth entry would be marked to note the adoption.

waterfalls · 18/04/2006 16:31

Crap crap crap, its not the long one, we are going on holiday in 4 weeks, how the hell am I gonna get his birth certificate by the end of this week?

OP posts:
bundle · 18/04/2006 16:34

phone up your registrar for an urgent appointment to buy a new one. i did for ours, a couple of summers ago when i had the passport nightmare from hell (nearly hyperventilating just thinking about it)

waterfalls · 18/04/2006 16:45

I just tried that, could'nt get an answer, so have just done it over the internet, will be here in 2 days (cost me fecking ยฃ60Shock) just got to hope the passports come back on time now.

OP posts:
merrymum · 18/04/2006 21:03

sorry i've been busy since i last posted. i thought it a bit OTT too. dd1 was born, we registered her. dd2 was born and dh went to register her too, they looked at our marriage certificate and told dh that because we married after dd1 was born we needed to fill out some forms and re-register her, we were able to keep all the details the same on the long one apart from my name. i thought it was silly as when she was born my name wasn't 'xxxxxx' but the lady told me it was a legal thing?

lou33 · 19/04/2006 00:13

i had 3 after i got married and noone said anything to us

Sjg27 · 24/08/2016 23:01

Hi is there anyone that can help with my current situation or has anyone been in this same position???
I have just applied for two child passports (my children)
One is a renewal and the other is first passport.
Both have had deed poll name changes (surnames) first child the father was absent and no means of contact so I was able to go ahead and change the name through deed poll without his consent this is nearly ten years ago now!
Although he is now sort of back in my child's life by this I mean contact isn't regular.
Yet he still isn't happy about the surname change
I have had to now renew this passport and now it involves a name change (surname only)
I sent all the relevant documents by check and send birth certificate and deed poll fathers details on the form etc
But today
I recieved two letters stating I need a signature on a letter from the father to say he's happy with the change of surname!
How I'm going to get this is behond me as he's not amicable at all
I spoke to the passport office they did say if he won't sent this letter then I need to write a letter stating why?!
It's such a stress can anyone help with this please?!!
The second letter was for my other child again new surname but the father sighed the deed poll but they still want a letter from him stating the same!
Witch hopefully should be ok due to him being amicable.
If anyone knows of this situation or have been in it them selves your advice would be greatly welcomed
Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

AndNowItsSeven · 24/08/2016 23:06

Did the birth fathers have pr? If so and you deed poll changed name without permission it's not a legal change.

Sjg27 · 24/08/2016 23:23

Hi thanks for your reply yes there fathers are both named on there birth certificates.
But i have spoken to deed poll today and the certificates are legal
Child no2 the father signed that form for the name change to go ahead.
So not sure why they need a letter from him.
The other one he wasn't locatable no way of contacting him for nearly a year when i changed the other name that's ok to do with deed poll if there was proof of trying to find him and i added the proof of all that along with the name change all those years ago
So are these certificates not valid at all?
The doctors and schools have all this info and there known to everyone as there names they are now!

AndNowItsSeven · 24/08/2016 23:55

Deed polls if done properly are legal yes, my dh used to work in the passport office and they were accepted. My concern was that your first child's deed poll was not legal as no consent was obtained. If you are confident it was obtained following the correct legal procedures then am unsure why a letter would be required.

AndNowItsSeven · 24/08/2016 23:58

From deed poll site "P lease note that the issue of a Deed Poll by us is no guarantee that all official record holders, e.g. school, doctor, passport office etc, will change your child's name records. This is because legally, official record holders should satisfy themselves that all those with parental responsibility have consented to the child's surname change. If the consent of the absent father is not obtained, an official record holder can refuse to change a child's name records. However, our experience is that this rarely happens except with the passport office. The official position of HM Passport Office concerning the issue of children's passports where the father has parental responsibility but his whereabouts is unknown, is to provide them with a court order. It may be that your passport application will be successful without a court order - certainly many have been in the past. But with the general move towards tighter government control over identity documents such as passports, you may be asked for a court order."

AndNowItsSeven · 25/08/2016 00:00

So basically the deed poll company were satisfied you tried to obtain consent however the passport office need to be hundred percent sure.
They must have tightened things up in the passport office recently.
It's odd they need a letter from your second child's father.
Unfortunately you may have to get first child's passport in their birth name.

AndNowItsSeven · 25/08/2016 00:01

Sorry posted to soon.
.... unless you apply for a court order to change their name.

Sjg27 · 25/08/2016 00:20

Thank you ever so
Much for this information you have put my mind at rest for the moment
I will do everything there asking and wait to see what happens it's good to have the advice and information from you thank you for taking time to send me this its greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ˜Š

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