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Basingstoke Aquadrome - Great fun!

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Milliways · 10/04/2006 20:17

Took both kids + a friend each today & they all had a fab time. The flumes are really fun (go down on inflatable donut rings in singles or doubles) & the rapids & bubble pools all great.

All 5 of us got in on a family ticket for £13.85 and stayed from 2 - 5:30 (could have stayed till 7).

Would definately recommend it.

The kids also had a go in the drying machine which was a bit of fun as well.

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lexiemum · 10/04/2006 22:42

have you got a link? Is it Reading side?

would my 3yr old like it?


Milliways · 11/04/2006 09:56


Takes 20 mins or so from JCN 11 M4. Is signposted from A33.

The 3 yr old should love it - you can sit them on front of double rings, hold them in your legs & go down flumes - as long as they are 1.1M tall.

Lots of babies in the shallow bits & they do do toddler times.

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