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Winter sun with childcare... any ideas

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honeybunny · 08/01/2004 20:06

Havent posted in absolutely ages, but knew I'd get some pearls of wisdom from the mumsnetters! We want to go on a 2 week holiday in March, as a family, that's ds1=3, ds2=21mo, but desperately want some adult time off during daytime for some most needed chilling. So kids clubs, an essential! Have looked at Sunsail in Antigua, a definite possible and a couple of places in St Lucia and the Turks and Caicos. Everywhere looks and sounds great but has anyone been? Anyone able to recommend anything? I'd get an extra shareholders discount booking through BA, which I'm having to keep in mind, we sadly arent bottomless on the money spending front!!

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princesspeahead · 08/01/2004 21:20

hello honeybunny! thanks v much for the xmas card, I'd have sent you one if I'd managed to send one to ANYONE (which I haven't). will email you to give you all my new details, it would be great to chat or even meet up, although geography conspires against us...
Friend of mine was at sunsail in antigua over christmas. he is a frenchman with anally high standards, has two kids aged 6 (just) and 4 and they thought it was great. I will email him for full report and forward it to you. St Lucia - mixed reports from windjammerlanding - Jalousie Hilton probably a better bet but I have no recent reports. My boss is currently at Parrot Cay with 2 young kids (Turks and Caicos) but I think bottomless money is required for that. Have you considered Mauritius? Prefer it to the Caribbean now (if that doesn't sound completely ridiculous). We have stayed at the Residence - beautiful hotel, not too big, excellent spa, and great, sweet, happy, small kids club. My dh is desperate to go again and he generally will NEVER go to the same place twice. BA def. do it and fly there direct. Long flight, shortish time difference.....

just call me travel queen

carriemac · 09/01/2004 18:19

Look at FDR in Jamaica- excellent childcare laid back fun we went with BA and it was excellent- 1 3 year old and 2 1 year olds

honeybunny · 10/01/2004 08:45

PPH- having trouble emailing.... dont think your "bug protection" likes my email. I'll try again.....
great to hear from you tho' sorry it's been so long. Fab news about No3. Want to hear all about that and new home and dd and ds1. Speak soon!

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SoupDragon · 10/01/2004 09:04

We went to the St James Club on Antigua last March wish DS1 (4) and DS2 (2). The kids club wer great - they even have the option for your children to have their tea there so you can have an adult meal without them. The children are meant to be potty trained to go there as the staff won't change nappies but they were happy to have DS2 if we popped in occasionally to check he was OK. The main beach was fantastic for kids - not as gorgeous as the Carribbean side of the island but nice gently sloping beach and the water had no steep drops. We didn't bother with the all inclusive option which simply added food & drink (wasn't worth paying for the children) and the kids club and all (maybe not motorised? not sure) water sports were included.

We liked it so much we bought a timeshare in the village part of the resort...

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