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8month old to jamaica. what will i need?

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jowood · 07/01/2004 12:23

we have just booked a late deal holiday to starfish resort, falmouth jamaica.
we are taking a 11 yr old and a 8 month old.Any advise on what to take and can i buy nappies, jars of baby food and formula milk nearby if needed ? Appriciate some advice as getting a bit nervous.

OP posts:
scienceteacher · 02/07/2006 23:18

You can buy nappies. Don't know about formula or baby food.

MarsLady · 02/07/2006 23:19

You need............ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

biglips · 02/07/2006 23:20

and MMEEEE!!! .......

Chandra · 02/07/2006 23:23

You can buy anything anywhere but if you don't want to waste your precious holiday time looking in anxiety for a formula that resembles the one your baby is having, a baby jar that you can actually recognise, and nappies that are no better or worse than the ones you are used to, take your own. It saves lots of time and unnecessary worries.

SofiaAmes · 03/07/2006 08:30

Water is chlorinated, so healthwise it's pretty safe. We went with ds when he was 2 mo. and had no problems. A few things to watch out for:
It's very very hot and humid there so wash things that have milk or spitup on them immediately...we left ours for a few days and they went all moldy.
Culturally people seem to feel free to tell you how to take care of your child AND even touch your baby... we had several people put blankets on or off our ds without asking if I minded.
Bring a buggy that's suited to off-road (ie with big wheels). We brought our smallest lightest one, but it was pretty useless on the broken streets and sidewalks.
Bring your own mosquito net, if you want to have one that doesn't have holes.

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