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Anyone live in Spain? few questions....

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SomethingAboutMary · 04/04/2006 15:00

Hi we are looking into moving to Spain in the near future & i just wanted to know if anyone has moved there from the UK?

Which parts do you think are nice?

Also wanted to ask about the work out there & the cost of living.

Have literally only just stared looking, we want a better life, we want somewhere with nice weather & a Slower pace of life also a nicer place to bring our kids up in, another important question would be about the schools, we want quite an english part of spain.

Any answers thoughts would be appriciated.

TIA Smile

OP posts:

Gingerbear · 04/04/2006 15:16

I don't live there, but my mum's best friend's family does. They live in a small village inland from Javea, which is on the Costa Blanca, about 30 minutes north of Benidorm. She is a teacher at an English School in Javea, her DH is a gardener who makes a decent living looking after the gardens and pools on several 'Urbanizacions' - small estates of apartments and villas. Their children are grown up now, but the youngest son went to secondary school in Javea.
It is very 'English', but mum's friend moved away from Javea after the first 2 years because it was too English. They are fluent Spanish speakers (especially the son, who has mostly Spanish friends) and prefer the quieter life in the small village they are now than on the coast.


SenoraPostrophe · 04/04/2006 15:28

I always wonder about people who move for a "slower pace of life". It is possible to slow down while remaining in the uk you know.

anyway, the cost of living in the "english" parts of spain isn't much lower than in the uk, although long term rents are generally lower (property prices to buy are not). If you can't speak spanish then you'll be pretty much restricted to sales work or cleaning/bar work type jobs, unless you are lucky - there is work to be had in doing freelance work for expats but as in the uk you have to build up your client base. unemployment is high.

the school system is pretty good, but under-resourced in my opinion. international school fees start at about 4k per year.

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