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Can anyone recommend a restaurant in New YorK

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Mum2Ela · 06/01/2004 12:43

Hi everyone,

DH and I are off to New York over Valentines weekend - aren't we romantic (will prob end up rowing! ) - and although my brother lives there if I leave reservations for restaurants up to him we will end up somewhere where they do not have prices on the menu's.

Can any of you recommend any good restuarants?

We are not taking DD so we are not looking for anywhere particularly family-friendly.


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bossykate · 06/01/2004 12:54

hi there

i recommend you either subscribe on-line to Zagat NY Restaurant Guide or buy a copy (they are widely available here).

alternatively, have a look at the searchable restaurant database on Citysearch NY .

both these resources are widely used by the locals - especially Zagat.

bossykate · 06/01/2004 12:55

if you let me know more about what you would like e.g. cuisine, budget, neighbourhood, i will attempt to give specific recommendations.

Gem13 · 06/01/2004 13:00

Lucky you! I'll probably be in labour that weekend...

There's a great Thai called 'Holy Basil' which we went to at every opportunity when we were there for a few weeks back in 1999. My brother in law went recently though and had a great meal. Probably mid range price wise, equivalent to a good restaurant here.

If DH comes up with any others I'll get back to you.

Mum2Ela · 06/01/2004 13:14

Bossykate - thanks for the links. If you could recommend somewhere that would be fab. We haven't really got a budget - I don't mind spending a bit so long as you feel like its worth it iyswim. I am a vegetarian but DH likes his steaks, we both like chinese and also italian. It would be really fab if you could recommend a few places - like I said my brother lives there but prefers fondue which isn't our thing!

Gem13 - that Thai restuarnat sounds fab. Will look it up. (p.s. I would rather be in labour - not that I don't want to go but we have been ttc for a few months not and thought I would be at least into the second trimester by now but nothing. )

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Blu · 06/01/2004 13:22

My SIL is a wine and restaurant critic in Manhattan, and enjoys hip, romantic restaurants in her 'real' life, so I'll ask her. And hey, to avoid calling any future children 'Brooklyn' perhaps you should specify some name-friendly districts....Valentine's Day in NY might be your lucky break. (TriBeCa better than Meat Packing District, for e.g)

Mum2Ela · 06/01/2004 13:27

Blu - hip romantic restuarants sounds good. Perhaps I sould stick to Manhatten - future baby would then be called 'Manhatten Morton', well if its good for Brooklyn Beckham

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melsy · 06/01/2004 13:53

Howsa about this guys restaurants , we saw it in Las vegas & it looked fab. He is very renowned in NY.

Another amazing place was "Arthurs Landing" , accross from lower manhatten in New Jersey by ferry and VERY romantic, cool food too!!There r floor to ceiling windows with panoramic view of manhatten sky crapers at night was wonderful.

melsy · 06/01/2004 13:53

sky crapers !!!!

Mum2Ela · 06/01/2004 14:24

Melsy - the restaurant on the website looked fab!!

I haven't seen the sky crapers before - where are they?

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Seagull · 06/01/2004 20:02

Del Frisco serves the best steak on the planet.
China Grill is a very happening Asian restaurant.

august24 · 06/01/2004 20:21

my husband worked on this website a few years back, and I know it hasn't been updated in a year, but it has some of the hippest chefs in New York on it.

Blu · 21/01/2004 10:42

Mum2Ela: sorry, it took awhile, but here are my sister-in-law's favourite recommendations.....

Here are some of my chosen spots for hip and romantic restaurants. In list of preference and in some cases I provide a web link for more info.

Excellent country, hearty fare, cozy atmosphere. Reservations HAVE to be made in advance. It is on a cool little block that has quite a few hip places

In the West Village, on a romantic little block. This is more of an Italian wine that makes panini, salads and simple but delicious dried meats and cheese. It is very romantic and feels like a rustic Italian joint. I don't think they take reservation though.

The off-shoot of ino, this place is more spacious and has a more elaborate menu. It is the now trendy hood of the LES. I really like it here, service is good, wine list is great and it isn't too expensive.

Haven't been but I have heard great things all around and I have been to the chef's other restaurants - he is good. It is a homey West Village spot with simple Italian fare.

Fleur de Sel
Jim and I went there for our anniversary and loved it. It isn't cheap. Tasting menu is $75 per person and the regular menu is about $25-$30 for entrees. It is very romantic, service is good, I know the sommelier and could put in a word. However, they don't have many vegetarian dishes but do have plenty of seafood and meat dishes.

This is the coolest place in town. Wylie is the young hot-shot chef of the moment. His food can be a little too adventurous but it is a great atmosphere, cool wine list and again on the LES.

Mum2Ela · 21/01/2004 10:49

Thanks very much Blu.

I have mailed your suggestions to my brother in New York so he can make some reservations for us.

They all soud lovely! Am excited now!

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