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Bristol Ice rink....what a smelly pit

9 replies

beetroot · 02/04/2006 17:52

with humourless, faceless staff. disgusting food, revolting toilets, horrid horid horrid

OP posts:

madrose · 02/04/2006 17:54

haven't been for 20 years - wasn't up too much then!!!!


tortoiseshell · 02/04/2006 17:55

it's grim isn't it beetroot! Ds has been clamouring to go, and I keep putting him off with 'after the baby, after the baby' but I think I will try and find an alternative!


beetroot · 02/04/2006 17:56

is there somewhere else? God i am not going htere asgain. took kids for a party and the guy teaching them was tedious and useless

OP posts:

tortoiseshell · 02/04/2006 17:58

nowhere else in Bristol, but there must be somewhere not too far away


Hayls · 02/04/2006 17:58

There's a good place in Swindon


beetroot · 02/04/2006 18:12

gawd, swindon to far for me...

OP posts:

spidermama · 02/04/2006 18:14

Shame about that beets. How was the Hogwarts cake?


Frenchgirl · 02/04/2006 18:15

oh dear, I have been trying to avoid taking dd there for ages, now I'll have a good reason no to go....

I had a feeling it would be rubbish


beetroot · 02/04/2006 18:17

caKE was great. kids enjoyed party.

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