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Any recommendations for cottage or lodge in Scottish Highlands?

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StressyHead · 03/01/2004 21:41

message withdrawn

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StressyHead · 04/01/2004 11:45

message withdrawn

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Slinky · 04/01/2004 11:49

Haven't any recommendations for Scotland itself but can recommend Hoseasons. We've used them 2 years running when we've been away during October half-term and the properties we've stayed in have been lovely.

You made me giggle with your comment about DH's mother

tamum · 04/01/2004 12:04

Stressyhead, I don't know if you're thinking of somewhere more rural than this, but Crieff Hydro has self-catering accommodation, and is in itself a very child-friendly hotel whose facilities you can use if you are staying in one of their lodges. It's about a 10-15 minute walk into the small town from there. It's not very near Loch Ness I'm afraid, though. There's a lovely child-friendly hotel near Loch Ness called Polmaily House , but it's not cheap. A couple of nights there would make a nice end to the holiday though!

They're the only places I can think of offhand that we have been to; I'm not big on isolated cottages miles from the nearest town I'm afraid

StressyHead · 04/01/2004 12:11

message withdrawn

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tamum · 04/01/2004 12:19

The touristy town for Loch Ness is called Drumnadrochit if that helps, but I wouldn't exactly think of it in terms of shop browsing, to put it mildly. Don't know if there's anywhere much in the Highlands that would score highly on that front (trying to be diplomatic here). I know Polmaily is hideously expensive. The other place I just thought of is nowhere near Loch Ness, but is a few miles from St Andrews (i.e. somewhere with shops ), and would make quite a good base for touring. It's a cluster of self-catering cottages, very well equipped and nice, and with a swimming pool and adventure playground. It's called Morton of Pitmilly . Good luck!

StressyHead · 04/01/2004 12:20

message withdrawn

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SueW · 04/01/2004 17:03

SusanMT rents cottages iirc.

codswallop · 04/01/2004 18:17

Finbar went to silverglades after a reccomendation on here

It was in may /Jube she booked it

codswallop · 04/01/2004 18:20

heres the thread from days out cant find the silverglades thread

lorne · 04/01/2004 18:50

Hi Stressyhead

I live in the North of Scotland and where you husband wants to go is a lovely part. I know of one holiday cottage but I think it is just 1 bedroom so it would be too small but I do notice on their website that they say they know of another cottage that sleeps up to 6 people. It is maybe worth having a look and emailing them.There is also the Clansman Hotel which over looks Loch Ness and as far as I know it has a good reputation. You mentioned about shops etc, Inverness isn't far away at all, maybe 20 minutes drive so there are plenty of shops etc there.

The address for holiday cotage is

zippy539 · 04/01/2004 19:06

Stressyhead - you could try MacKay's agency - they do self catering places all over Scotland. I'll try to get a link for you. LOL re MIL

zippy539 · 04/01/2004 19:10

Okay - here's an attempt at a link ....


zippy539 · 04/01/2004 19:16

Okay, here's ANOTHER attempt at a link ...


I used them for a break a couple of years ago and, as long as you scrutinise the info in the description, I think they are pretty good. I say scutinise because they have the odd property that is pretty basic .

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