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Which Hotel would you choose in Barcelona ?

10 replies

crystaltips · 03/01/2004 14:38

DH is going to be 40 in February and my M&D have said that they will look after the children for the weekend
I want to treat him to three nights in Barcelona and would like an idea of where to stay - and which hotel.
Ideally somewhere where there is a bit of nightlife / action and rather central


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whymummy · 03/01/2004 15:16

hi crystaltips,we're off there next saturday,we're staying in the atenea aparthotel wich is near diagonal a booming part of barcelona,we booked with lastminute,i will report back to you when we get back if you like


crystaltips · 03/01/2004 16:34

ooooh - have a nice time !!

OP posts:

Tinker · 06/01/2004 14:26

Anyone else got any suggestions for budget places? Have booked for 3 nights in Feb but getting confused with looking - "have I looked at that one or not?". Any ideas very much appreciated.


Festivefly · 06/01/2004 14:28

Not the one i went to it was like a halfway house, stinking, romantic though


fio2 · 06/01/2004 19:06

whymummy i thought you had already gone! have a nice time


Tinker · 27/01/2004 09:17

whymummy - have you been yet? We've booked the same place for Feb and I just wondered how nice (or horrid!) it was. Thanks


whymummy · 27/01/2004 18:22

hi crystaltips and tinker,yes, we were there 2 weeks ago,the hotel is great,has it's own kitchen,rooms are big and everything is nice and clean,all the water in the fridge is free wich i didn't know,the breakfast is nice too,is close to diagonal and only 10 min. from the airport so a taxi is not expensive,the hotel is really well located and in a nice area,hope you both enjoy your trip


Tinker · 27/01/2004 18:46

whymummy - thank you, sounds great. Unfortunately we're flying to Gerona but, hey, can't have everything


whymummy · 27/01/2004 19:51

i was just thinking,there's 2 atenea aparthotels,one's outside barcelona,the one we went to is in joan guell(dh told the taxi driver john wayne,lol ),so make sure is the same one,also if you're going for more than a couple of days bring a travel kettle and some coffe and tea,the kitchen in the hotel has only a few pots and pans,glasses and plates,oh,and "el corte ingles" is right next door for some serious shopping


Tinker · 27/01/2004 22:48

hi whymummy. I think it's the same one as yours as I spotted a few when I was looking. Thanks for the tip.

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