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Travel cot.... aaaargh!

5 replies

sunnyside · 29/03/2006 20:55

What can I do to get my DS aged 20 months to sleep in a travel cot? He sleeps well at home in his own cot but is a nightmare in a travel cot and wakes at least 7/8 times a night. Any tips? I'm tempted to try one of those 'Ready Beds' for toddlers. Has anyone tried one?

OP posts:

greyriver · 30/03/2006 12:48

my dd has one of those \link{\matress toppers} without this she wont sleep in her (15mo) could it be that the mattress isnt v comfy? you could prob try putting towels under the sheet iyswim to see if that helps make it comfier?


inglis · 30/03/2006 20:35

We have a shop down here in Clapham Junction that sells foam. I can buy two squares that fit the travel cot exactly. (But they would cut any shape - that you could then roll up.)I would not travel without it. I wrap the sqares in black bin bags, tie them up and check them through with the rest of the suitcases.

Makes such a difference.


busybusybee · 30/03/2006 20:40



sunnyside · 31/03/2006 14:33

Thanks everyone.
Busybusybee I wasn't sure where to put this!!!So I posted it twice....

Think I'm gonna try the foam thing. Do you have to worry about it being treated with anything, chemical I mean?

OP posts:

inglis · 01/04/2006 11:12

Doesn't appear treated. I cover it with a couple of sheets anyway. Wouldn't use it for a baby under 3 months, perhaps, but at 20 months I think it would be fine.

Do you live in London. Might be worth making a trip to my local foam shop - though I'm sure you could check out the yellow pages. Or find someone who does upholstory, he'll tell where to buy foam.

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