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Berlin with 3 year old

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lapsedrunner · 29/03/2006 16:45

Off to Berlin for the weekend (7-9 Apr) and wondered if anyone had any specific tips for Berlin with a 3 year old. DH & I have both been before (pre ds) so know the city but need child friendly advice Grin.

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Cristina7 · 29/03/2006 16:52

The revolving TV tower cafe. DS was 4 at the time and he loved it. We went there about 3 times in the week we stayed. Have a good time.


lapsedrunner · 01/04/2006 11:08

Bump...anyone else?

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flibbertygibbet · 01/04/2006 12:00

I can't help either - sorry. I've spent quite a lot of time there in the past, but nothing recently. (I've only been once since the wall came down!)

But I'd love to take the boys (6 and 8) - so please give us a full report when you get back.


lapsedrunner · 03/04/2006 19:37

bump...desperate attempt for more than one reccommendation (thanks Christina7 it's now on my list)? flibbertgibbert I will report back.

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lapsedrunner · 15/04/2006 18:18

A bit delayed but here is my advice for Berlin (with a 3 year old).

Take a buggy and it will give you access to the wheelchair entrance of the Reichstag (a definite must see). You avoid all the queues and have your own lift to the top Grin.

The Zoo is good and happened to be right next to our hotel.

The Sony Centre at Postdamer Platz had a good choice of resturants for the evening (also close to our hotel).

Didn't make it up the Fernsehturm due to massive queue.

The Olympic Stadium was very impressive (austere i.e. memories of 1936 & all that).

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