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Any ideas for lovely hotels in New York??

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melsy · 02/01/2004 16:43

Dh would like take me back there for our 5th anniversary with our little dd,who will be over a year by then. We got engaged there at the top of Empire state building at closing time, 6 yrs ago.

Ideally centrally located or near 5th Ave Dept stores/good shops.

Somewere not as lavish as the Plaza!!

OP posts:
udar · 02/01/2004 19:27

Go to We put in $130 a night and they come back with a hotel in a certain area of NY. We stayed at the 'Renaissance' on Times Sq both times we did this and the room rate is normally about $350US a night. It is a 4-5star hotel and very nice. We haven't got children yet but hotels in general in NY are very expensive so we've found this quite a good deal.

SueW · 03/01/2004 01:44

I stayed here with my MIL and DD 3-4 years ago.

As a suite hotel, it has two large beds and a seating area, as well as a fully-equipped kitchen. There was a supermarket across the road and it was an easy walk to anywhere, with a child in a pushchair.

It was great having the kitchen as we could keep a supply of snacks in for DD who was 2yo at the time. And the supermarket was open when we arrived and checked in, shortly before midnight.

It took me a while to find it just now as the company has re-branded and used to be known as Manhattan East hotels. There are others in the chain in Manhattan as this might not be as central you want.

Have a great time.

CountessDracula · 03/01/2004 12:57

How about the Casablanca on W43rd just E of Broadway. Lovely moroccan style hotel.

They have a special offer at the moment:
Enjoy a sunset buffet dinner for two on Friday or Saturday evening aboard a private yacht, taking you on a cruise around Manhattan to the Statue of Liberty, and home again. Or, if you prefer, we can arrange for Sunday brunch. There?s no better way to see the skyline?

And they have babysitting!

melsy · 03/01/2004 13:17

Sue W , its unusual for such large rooms in NY. Good for DD. We stayed at the Lexington Ave Barbizon(now The Melrose) round the corner from Bloomingdales , but they dont seem very child friendly and it didnt have many facilities. Would like somewere with choice of restauarnts and a coffee/bar lounge. Would also like room listening service , but after reading the thread about leaving children I am a bit worried.I also said I wouldnt leave my child anywere so not sure now.Thats one for a another discussion.

OP posts:
crystaltips · 03/01/2004 14:42

We stayed at The W Hotel on Lexington Ave.
Very central - a couple of blocks from 5th Avenue. It's a tad on the modern side .... if you aren't wearing black you might stand out a bit
We had a wail of a time and I thoroughtly recommend NY !

crystaltips · 03/01/2004 14:43

ooops - not too sure how child friendly they are ?

melsy · 03/01/2004 14:55

Actually we have been looking at the W hotels as I like contemporary. But not sure how child friendly , will have to phone there to see how they react on the phone to the idea.

Also looked at the Paramount , just not sure an ALL WHITE room will be good for 12month old!!!!!!

OP posts:
crystaltips · 03/01/2004 15:01

that's their problem melsy
We did have a lovely time though ....
WIthin walking distance from FAO Schwartz

melsy · 03/01/2004 15:12

I love it there and can't wait to go back ; the shopping/restaurants/5th ave /madison ave/grand c station/Katz deli/carnegie deli ALL FAB. LOVE IT LOVE IT , just not sure if its going to be good with 12month dd???? What do we do in the evening , take her out with us, seems unfair to alittle one??? Thats why we thought somewere nice with good restaurant also would be good, as may not go out in the evening.

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 03/01/2004 15:17

Paramount awful, rooms tiny. Don't do it

W ok

CountessDracula · 03/01/2004 15:18

We have very good friends there with 12 mo dd, they may babysit if you want I could ask them. Live in East Village/Alphabet city.

Kayleigh · 03/01/2004 16:50

I stayed in the Madison Jolly Towers in Oct 2002. It was a nice reasonably priced hotel in what was for us a great location (near Macys and Grand Central Station. We got a really good rate at the time on the quickbook website.

SueW · 03/01/2004 19:48

The Lyden Gdns was recommended to me by a friend who travels to NYC fairly regularly and has often stayed there with her children.

Downside is no room service/restaurant but we really didn't need it with the kitchen, the supermarket and our heavy programme of getting round NY.

marialuisa · 15/01/2004 14:09

Has anyone been with kids recently? where did you stay? We're planning to spend a w/e in NYC in April as pat of a longer trip, so any tips, places to go/avoid with littlies gratefully received.

Internationalvelvet · 10/01/2012 03:05

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

clippityclop · 12/01/2012 15:22

Raddisson New Yorker was lovely - really historic, art deco, central and not too expensive.

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