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Alternative to CenterPacs type break on a Thurs start.

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tracyk · 29/03/2006 10:09

Need break to start on a Thurs - saw that centerparcs only do a mon or fri start?
Any ideas - travelling on way from London to Scotland and mid way would be good to break journey.

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calpopscalum · 29/03/2006 17:41

Think I've just replied to your otherpost. We travel regularly from Northampton to Scotland and the half way point is Lancaster. there is a hotel just off the junction there where we've stayed before - pool, nice enought restaurant, bar etc and areas to go for a walk. It's a posthouse forte and about 2 mins from jct 34 (i think) of the M6. It's off the motorway so you don't get the motorway noise. Don't know how muchit'll be though but we have stayed there with kids and uit was fine - no problems. they do baby listening but we didn't use it. nice to have the pool to help you with getting them worn out so they sleep.


tracyk · 30/03/2006 08:46

Do you know what? I've just had a row with dh cos he went ahead and booked a Marriott at Lancaster!! I said it was too far away and should have aimed for Leeds area.
I may have to eat my words - drat!
We are leaving Bedford around 1pm ish - have you travelled at that time before? I just hope its not too busy cos we usually leave early in the mornings.

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