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Travel Insurance at 24-26 weeks

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SunCream32 · 28/03/2006 19:54

Hi. I am flying in two weeks' time to Spain and will be in my 24th week. Unfortunately, my multi-trip annual policy only covers me up to 24 weeks! I return on the 1st day of my 26th week. Can anyone recommend what insurance I can get to cover me just in case of any complications due to pregnancy?? Also, I have the new E111 card equivalent and some support tights - any other suggestions to ease flying at 6 months??

Many thanks

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jenthehen · 28/03/2006 20:08

I could only find Tesco to insure me at 28 wks but this was four years ago - not sure if still applies. My only tip would be make sure you know some basic medical pregnancy related phrases - I ended up being checked out in Siena Hospital, having had to drive myself there at 2am as DH couldn't find his driving license and I was the only one able to drive the hire car - quite scary so take it easy.


SunCream32 · 28/03/2006 20:26

Blimey, Jen - that must have been scary Shock
Good tip on phrases, thanks, hadn't thought of that at all. Will check out Tesco's too - ta :)

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