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Good family hotel guide for France?

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JennyB · 01/01/2002 16:50

Can anyone recommend a good guide for family friednly hotels in France?

OP posts:
Marina · 01/01/2002 18:50

Ho ho JennyB, if you hear of such a thing can you post ALL the details here? I have been trying to find something for the past year.
If it helps at all we pick stopovers out of the Rough Guide (Routard in translation) Hotels and Restaurants in France and have yet to be let down on five trips. I do think it's true that hoteliers on the continent are much more welcoming to children. We even got a delightful and helpful reply from the super-posh, budget-busting Chateau de Tilques (not far from Calais), although we didn't actually book with them in the end.
We did something which I'm a bit embarrassed to admit - we taught our toddler son to say Bonjour and Merci, and Monsieur and Madame. It did go down a storm though.

Tinker · 01/01/2002 23:10

Marina - did the same with the Bonjour, Au revoir, merci stuff with my daughter. It's great - her face just lit up when she got a positive reaction.

Viv · 02/01/2002 10:05

We always use the 'Logis' in France, a group of independent family owned guest houses and hotels that specialise in cooking good food from their region of France. All that we have stayed in have been more than welcoming to children and because the food is so good we have some evenings put our daughter to bed and taken our baby listener/alarm downstairs and had a meal in the hotel as you usually can't go wrong with the food. Some are small with only two or three rooms others are large hotels. You can buy the guide from most book shops or from the French Tourist Bosrd in Picadilly, London.
Also aggree with the Bonjour, Merci advice, it works wonders where you can't.

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