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Anyone been to Martinique??

7 replies

moondog · 24/03/2006 21:42

My sister has just got a job there and is relocating with her dh and four children.
Guess where I'll be spending Christmas (and Easter and.....)?!

OP posts:

hermykne · 24/03/2006 22:02

its always been somewhere i would have love to have gone - since i was a child - the name i think was exotci to me. never been, lucky you

i do know s.o who has a hotel there though!


ponygirl · 24/03/2006 22:16

Hello! I went to Martinique years, gosh, it was 1990. I went for 3 weeks with my mum and step-dad. I doubt I have anything useful to say after all this time, but I have very fond memories of that holiday: a fabulous tan, great food, great cocktails, great weather, the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen. Just watch out for the big hairy spiders in the rainforest!


moondog · 24/03/2006 22:32

Ooh thanks girls!
We grew up in the Pacific so have high standards!
Do you know the nmae and location hermykne?

OP posts:

alexsmum · 24/03/2006 22:33

isn't that where princess margaret always holidayed?


moondog · 24/03/2006 22:37

Moustique wasn't it?
(wall to wall shagging with Roddy llewelyn,turbans and loads of fags 'n gin.)

OP posts:

alexsmum · 24/03/2006 22:38

oh weel-i was nearly right!


hermykne · 25/03/2006 14:02

moondog i 'll check it out via another firend and get back to you.

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