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Can't make a decision!!! Somerset accommodation...

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BudaBabe · 21/03/2006 13:10

Going to Somerset for a week in July to have a look around with a view to re-locating to Taunton in a few years (would buy house sooner).

Have totally confused myself about where to stay!!

Asked for recommendations for somewhere nice which I duly got (thanks!).

But - DH thinks we should stay in a small, comfy hotel in/near Taunton. And then have a couple of nights at somewhere nice like Babington House. Followed by a night at a hotel close to Bristol airport as flight back to Budapest leaves at 7.15 am.

I quite fancy a nice holiday cottage in a nice village - we could do a big M&S shop first (drool).

Or we could stay at Moonfleet Manor in Dorset but DH is worried about traffic at that time of year and we will be driving to and from Taunton a bit.

And we will have 4.5 yr old DS with us.

I want it to be a combination fact-finding mission/holiday.

Any suggestions??????

OP posts:

WideWebWitch · 21/03/2006 13:17

Hmm, well M5 in July can be horrible so am inclined to agree, find somewhere nice and stay there. It will be easier than moving around if your main objective is househunting. Can't you go for nice hotel in Taunton thus killing 2 birds with one stone? And then a hotel nr airport? Altohugh tbh it's only half an hour from bristol centre early in the morning, you might as well stay somewhere nice like \link{\Hotel Du Vin}


BudaBabe · 22/03/2006 12:00

That looks lovely WWW - another decision!!!!

OP posts:

tamum · 22/03/2006 12:21

The road from Weymouth to Taunton is not great in summer, he's right. We stay in Lyme Regis every summer,and the trip from there to Taunton is about 40 minutes tops, and the roads are never all that bad (she says, tempting fate). Lots of nice cottages there, and inland a bit. Lyme Bay Holidays is the best place to look, \link{\here}. Did you try looking at the Castle Hotel in Taunton?


PeachyClair · 22/03/2006 12:34

Ah no, the traffic... many a memory of that! well you would when youn spent 32 years living alongside the bloody A 38.

How about the Castle Hotel in Taunton itself?
Posh enough I would say.

BUT I would suggest this place- we got married there, it's close to dorset border and is just so gorgeous it's incredible! It comes with ducks for the kids and it's own museum (!!), and yummy nosh too.

\link{\ Hornsbury Mill}

Skip the Shrubbery in Ilminster.... never enjoyed anything there.


PeachyClair · 22/03/2006 12:38

(oh in case you don't know eleighwater well (Wink coz I think it's two houses), it's mid way between taunton and the Dorset border, near Ilminster.

I'm all nostalgic for the place now- it was this time of year too- must re book for a weekend.


tamum · 22/03/2006 12:41

Ah, I was wondering about Hornsbury Mill but I couldn't remember if it was a hotel or just a restaurant, and was also hindered by not being able to remember what it was called! It's lovely there, I would second that recommendation. Nice and easy to get to Taunton, too.


PeachyClair · 22/03/2006 12:46

If you've seen it you can imagine my wedding phtos then... on the bridge over the waterfall...

oops, sorry Blush


Thirtysix · 23/03/2006 11:50

How about the Mount SOmerset Hotel just outside Taunton?
Close to M5,lovely grounds,friendly peacock and LOVELY food.
Not really what I would call child orientated but was child friendly when I satyed with DD aged 5mts.


PeachyClair · 23/03/2006 20:49

Used to work next door to that place.

This reads like my life story doesn't it?

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