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Map of west coast america please?

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triplets · 20/03/2006 09:03

I am already trying to plan my next escape, want to take the kids next year, would have to be in July/Aug as want to go for up to 4 weeks, all depending on budget. Has anyone got a map of west coast, inc Nevada, Calif, Arizona they don`t want so that I can start my research, maps are sooooooooo expensive and we may end up not being able to afford it. I will pay postage if you can help me. Has anyone else done anything like this, love to hear where you went!

OP posts:

triplets · 20/03/2006 21:47

Can anyone help please?:)

OP posts:

JanH · 20/03/2006 22:04

You could start with one of \link{\these,} or \link{\this,} for route planning. US maps are nothing like UK ones - very little detail as a rule.


Chuffed · 22/03/2006 05:17

What about getting a lonely planet or rough guide out of the library. Some of the prices might be off if a little old but maps etc will still be valid.


MeerkatsUnite · 22/03/2006 07:09

The AA also do maps of the West Coast of the USA.


Tutter · 22/03/2006 13:40

I think we still have one from a fly-drive in California/Nevada/Arizona a few years ago. I will have a look later and let you know.


triplets · 22/03/2006 21:42

Thanks Tutter,
Where did you go out of interest? I would really love to see more of Arizona, went there in 1991 with our son who sadly died in 94, took him to the Grand Canyon and stayed in Scottsdale. Lots of happy memories. Still lots more fab places I would like to see, take my trio to as we did Matthew.

OP posts:

Tutter · 23/03/2006 08:21

Hi Triplets. Sorry to hear of your loss, but I hope that visiting the same places will bring back happy memories for you. Sorry - I forgot to look for the map last night - will do so when I take ds upstairs for a nap. We did a Virgin Flydrive - started off in San Fransisco (not a city fan but loved it - Alcatraz is a great trip), then went to (can't be sure of the order): Lake Tahoe, Mammoth mountain, Las Vegas (which I just didn't get, but I know others love it), Grand Canyon, a couple of other places I forget, and ended up in LA for the return flight. If I went back I'd head for Yosemite - supposed to be beautiful. We really enjoyed travelling around - some amazing scenery - and would love to return when ds is older.


Tutter · 23/03/2006 09:29

Sorry triplets - think I must have lost/binned it - can only find a Florida one. To make up for it, I did a bit of hunting for you and discovered that you can buy them from Amazon - here's a link to the \link{\California?tag=mumsnet&ascsubtag=mnforum-21 one.


Tutter · 23/03/2006 09:30

Hmmm try that again \link{\here}?tag=mumsnet&ascsubtag=mnforum-21


Jackstini · 23/03/2006 09:39

I would get a few brochures from the travel agent - a lot of them have pre-planned fly-drives to give you some start off options. Also look at the coach tour books. Even if you don't want to do it this way they often give great ideas for routes, mileage/travel time per day and more info on things to do.
I used to be a travel agent and have done this trip 4 or 5 times so feel free to ask me any questions.
On our 4 week trip we did:
Start San Diego & pop over to Mexico, drive up through Orange County, LA, up coast on highway 101 over a few days, San Fransisco, across wine country to Yosemite, down to Sequoia, then Scottsdale/Grand Canyon area, ending in Las Vegas. Was absolutely fab - 11 of us in 2 motorhomes!


triplets · 23/03/2006 09:42

Hi Tutter,
Thank you. We covered an awful lot with Matthew, fist time we went, San Diego, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree which was knockout, Arizona, Yosemite, which is a must, SF, Monterey, Disney, lots and lots of places, we did that twice with Matthew. Then a year after he died we went back and did Wine Country which was lovely but not for kids really.So this time it will be diff as I can`t see 3x9yr olds putting up with driving long distances, so it will need a lot of thought!

OP posts:

Tutter · 23/03/2006 09:55

Would you fancy going back to Yosemite? had a quick peek at \link{\} and it seems like there'd be plenty to amuse 9yr olds - biking, camping, rafting etc.


Jackstini · 23/03/2006 11:42

Yes Yosemite is great for kids - first time I went I was 12 and my sister was 10 - we loved it (loved the whole trip really!) Was a great contrast to the beach time/shopping time/theme park time etc. It really is many holidays in one Smile

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